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Social construction based on the concept of sex and gender brings out the differences that are always seen between male and female

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Social construction based on the concept of sex and gender brings out the differences that are always seen between male and female or rather men and women that are conventions in the society and creating the roles played by each gender. Also the differences that are between the concept of gender and sex are which are socially constructed brings out the differences between male and female in the society. People have perspectives that some other things that they know or these things are real, partially exist or fully exist are socially constructed, for instance money, tenure and many more. All these things results in the differences in the behaviors based on gender and sex. According to Fausto Sterling, development of gender is based on chromosomes that is, XX and XY.

[...] Also the rising of families in the conditional preeminence has resulted to capitalist community that reproduces children who are heterosexism and homophobia and this implies that capitalism is a problem to many societies. So the societies and relationships should be prefigured so as to have affection and heterosexual societies. The instability or rather the unnaturalness such as homosexual can start from the very time of the development of fetuses on the womb due to creation of similar antibodies. To some people, the unnaturalness formulates when they are adults due to having feelings to their same sex partner leading to homosexual or lesbianism. [...]

[...] Works cited Fausto-Sterling, Anne. Sexing the body Web. 23rd March Jennifer, Terry. American obsession.2005. Web. 23rd March Susan, Stryker. Transgender history Web. 23rd March, 2015. [...]

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