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The social history of Halloween

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  1. The History of Halloween 18 Aug 2011 in HAUNT NEWS BY BRIAN FOREMAN
  2. WORLD BOOK ONLINE the Haunted History OF Halloween

The Purpose of this book was to educate readers on the history of Halloween and where the practice came from. Foreman talks about where the history of Halloween comes from and the mix of Celtic beliefs and European folk traditions. It also shows the transformation of Halloween.

[...] It also shows the transformation of Halloween. Information within the book is also available on where the date of Halloween came from. For example November 1 was an important date to the Celts. Preparing for the grim and harsh winter months ahead, many Celts realized that they could lose their entire food supply or maybe lose a loved one due to the unfavorable living conditions. In order to prepare for this time of the year, the Celts held a festival call Samhain on October 31. [...]

[...] The purpose of this book was the study of the American holidays and what America does for Halloween. It shows the purpose that United States has Halloween., what ages trick or treat in the United states. For example in contemporary Halloween celebrations, American children wear costumes and trick or treat for goods from adults with threats of property destruction. In- Halloween rituals children leave home and family to join other children for an evening of pranks in order to get sweets in a nonreligious atmosphere. [...]

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