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Social movements' strategies to rally supporters to a cause

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  1. Touching the hearts: how to sensitize public opinion?
    1. Means of arousing emotions: recourse to pathos
    2. Benefits and limitation of sensitization
  2. Raising awareness: how to convince public opinion?
    1. Means of arousing awareness: assurances of expertise and objectivity
    2. Benefits and limitation of awareness-raising measures

Regarding political participation, the conventional one including the system of elections is well-known but reductive in terms of democracy. However, there are other practices to influence the political system and decisions of governments. In that sense, the unconventional political participation is much more complex and difficult to apprehend. It occurs in the margins of codified political system and drew the attention of political scholars, as highlighted by the current studies of social movements which is at the intersection of sociology and political science.

Social movements or collective action, mobilization, and protest are close in their willingness and actions to change the current order of things. All are the result of a cause, emerging from an intolerable gap between what it is and what it should be from the view of some individuals. This theoretical conflictual situation is then combated in practice by leaders and partisans of a social movement who pledge to fix what is perceived as a problem, a social disorder or a not inevitable injustice.

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