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Stages of Adolescence: Developmental Study of Cassie Warren

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  1. Itroduction
  2. How you would respond as the health professional or specifically the occupational therapist involved?
  3. The reason why you would respond as you indicated and a developmental profile
  4. What additional information might you want in deciding your response
  5. Conclusion
  6. References

The situation described is one which every school-based occupational therapist should be familiar with, since teenage pregnancy is a matter of national concern. Also, Cassie's situation is more or less typical of that of a fifteen-year-old girl: parents have high expectations, there is an older sibling who is a model to emulate, and there is social and sexual peer pressure.

[...] Useful resources Shattell et al (2006) highlight the importance of the patient's understanding of his or her psychological disorder, and also of the imperative for healthcare providers such as doctors and nurses and caregivers such as family members to attempt to understand a given context from the patient's point of view in order to facilitate the healing process. The authors support the attempt to collate the empirical findings of existing research on the subject of how patients' as well as heath care providers' understanding of mental illness can facilitate the process of healthcare. [...]

[...] In Cassie's case, I would like to study typical developmental issues in the psychosocial and emotional domains of behavior. Discussions of temperament and social learning as the building blocks of psychosocial and emotional behavior offer the occupational therapist a neutral and objective basis for analyzing child behavior. Additionally, I would like to include overview of atypical development that can influence occupational performance, including a discussion of maladaptive learned behaviors such as learned helplessness and behavior? common to adolescents (Case-Smith 2001, p. [...]

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