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The status quo of discrimination - Willing workers in unwilling circumstances

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  1. Inequality, a social matter
  2. Recognizing the harm of discrimination is insufficient
  3. Concern for discrimination, seeking justice and equality
  4. More awareness than actions
  5. Using a quota system
  6. Equal opportunity and equal participation
  7. Substantive equality in Canada
  8. The growth of unionization

The idea of equality has been the dream of the hopeful but the reality is only a glimpse of the ideal. Since the Holocaust in World War II, there has been an international recognition for equality as outlined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However, the idea of equality has eluded the daily interactions that people experience. Sexual harassment continues to exist in the workplace; degrading stereotypes still circulate around communities; and discrimination constantly divides Canadians. Although classification is a process that is innate, discrimination is not. The problem with discrimination parallels the problem of equality: there is no clear definition for these ideas. Through statutes and precedents, the interpretation of discrimination is clearer yet it is not the only obstacle to equality.

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