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The Death penalty in the US

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  1. History of the Capital Punishment in the US till the ?70s
    1. Until the First World War, the anti-death penalty movement did not manage to have strong impact
    2. From 1917 to 1955, the tendency towards abolishing the death penalty
  2. The Supreme Court and the population has been condemning the death penalty to some degree
    1. The debate over the Cruel and Unusual Clause
    2. Why should death penalty be abolished?

In the course of American history, nearly 15.000 people have been executed under civil authority. While the use of execution has declined throughout most of the First World, the USA remains as an exception ? the only democracy ? where belief in the utility of capital punishment as the ultimate deterrent is not only active, but is also frequently put into practice. Between 1976 and 1993, 226 executions took place. There were only 11 executions until 1983.

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