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The impact of American culture in the world

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  1. The legendary success stories
  2. American culture has been developed during the two World Wars
  3. American firms changed eating habits and styles in clothing
  4. The film industry
  5. Institutions

For a very long time, the American way of life was the dream of many citizens around the world as everyone imagined that they would be able to enjoy a far better life in the New World. The descriptions of the country made by those who had crossed the Oceans appealed to people everywhere. The legendary success stories of self-made men who had become rich "overnight" further enhanced that dream. Rockefeller (1839-1937), a manufacturer and financier created Standard Oil that became Esso. The profits of the company were used for a philanthropic end. Morgan (1837-1913), a banker, created several big trusts and bequeathed a part of his works of art to the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Carnegie (1835-1919), a Scottish manufacturer created the trust of steel and bequeathed his fortune to charitable organizations (hospitals, libraries, schools, churches etc).

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