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The perception of the United States for Canadian people

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Canadian people.
  3. Diverse criteria and influencing public opinion.
  4. The Life course and generational politics theory.
  5. the proximity of opinions.
  6. The opinion difference between regions: Explained by the group effect.
  7. Conclusion.
  8. Sources.

Geographically neighbours, Canada and the United Sates share a lot of different things like language, history or an important part of their culture. They are also linked together in a political way, for instance by being two of the three participant countries of the NAFTA. All that elements can bring us to think that there is a real solidarity between the two countries. But global and domestic contexts are evolving and even if Canada stays an important support for the United States, both countries are taking different political paths. Indeed, the United State's evolution of global politics in the latest years, with the nine eleven event and the Iraqi war, bring the United States to act in a very radical way. That is why it seems interesting to have a look on what Canadian people think about Americano-Canadian relationships. Thus, we are going to focus on how Canadian public opinion perceives the evolution in the evolution between Canada and the United States.

[...] So we can conclude that in a general way, Canadian people think that the relations Canada-USA are worsening, as we can see on the survey QA5, where of people think that the United State's reputation has deteriorated. We can also be aware of the reasons of these tenses and it appears that according to most of the Canadians, the main factor of disaccord between both countries is the war in Iraq ( 45.5 Therefore, Canadian seems to be aware of all political disaccords between the two countries. [...]

[...] For instance, Quebec seems to always be less in favour for the United States than other Canadian regions ( 14.9 percents of Quebecois are motivate for give up a trip in the United States versus only 3.2 percents of Atlantic people, and 17.7 percents of Quebecois think that the relationship between the two countries has been tense whereas 28.7 percents of Atlantic people do.) These gaps can be explained by diverse factors. Culture or traditions, for instance can be seen as able to shape public opinion. [...]

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