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What do the foreigners think about the French and France?

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  1. History of foreigners' stereotypes
  2. Different foreigners' stereotypes
  3. Repercussion of foreigners' stereotypes
  4. The five main stereotypes

Everybody has a perception (mostly sterotype) about a different culture or a country. Even if one has not been to a country, we always have a first impression through movies or word of mouth. France is a famous country due to its historical heritage, food, wines and fashion. Furthermore, the president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, wants France to become a worldwide heritage of UNESCO. But what do foreigners think about the French and France? Some of them think the French are pretentious and other people consider France as the most beautiful country in the world. Foreigner perception about the French and France seems very different. The analysis of their perception according to their home country and their education should help us to answer this question.

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