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What drives the GenY?

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  1. Introduction.
  2. The professional sphere as the ultimate way to gain recognition.
  3. Awareness of social and environmental issues.
  4. Individuality remains a pivotal feature.
  5. The phenomenon of personalisation.
  6. Gen-Y: A complex entity to survey.

Who are the GenY? Like any other generation, birthdates might be a relevant indicator. In this specific case, Gen Y are born around the same historical period, that is from the mid-80' to today. However, it is more in terms of shared needs and expectations that they offer an interesting case to study. One of the key features of this cohort is to have grown immersed in technology. In a recent survey of a large panel of American College students , 97% own a computer, 94% own a cell phone, 44% read blogs and 75% belong to an online social network. But why would they be almighty? Mainly because of their age. They represent an incredibly active and demanding commercial target, whose desires and needs must be taken into account. They have undergone significant social evolutions that shaped their relations with the political sphere, with companies, and with other individuals. They handle new technologies better than any other generations.

[...] Indeed, they consider that living exclusively for their work was the curse of their parents and thus they require convincing justification for every task they are asked to perform. They consider flexibility as the keystone of their professional career. However, this feature is no more understood as a mere arbitrage between office hours and home life but as constant multiple opportunities of workplaces. On the other hand, companies start to face baby-boomers' retirements and could not afford to loose these new skilled workers, whose expectations begin to shape offices' life. [...]

[...] Freedom lies at the core of much behaviour. Gen-Y desire to be able to jump from one brand to another any time they want if one label do no more fulfil their expectations. However, this dialogue still exists but has to be entertaining and creative. For example, a daring but pertinent form of this new necessary cooperation between brands and consumers could be found in Fiat's communication around the recently reedited Fiat 500. On a dedicated website (, the firm proposes an incredibly wide range of customer's implications in the creative and communicational process. [...]

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