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Obesity control over society

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  1. Food and drinks taxation
  2. Control of food and drinks at school and children obesity
  3. Marketing issue

Today, approximately 35% of the 20 years old and over are considered overweight. This scourge is visible on children too and more than 10% of adults in the world are considered obese. At the head of this globalized trouble, America, birthplace of fast foods. This major worldwide drawback is infecting more and more people every day, provoking considerable physical health problems but also psychological in that there is discrimination towards those who don't fit with magazine models.

[...] Food consumption control appears like a sensible and controversial topic as it is an individual concern. Legislate it seems to be difficult because of privacy respect, which is an important topic in the civil rights. Even if states are trying to set those law on fat products, it is impossible for them to control people's purchases and governments can't force them to eat healthy products if they don't want to. This is what can be seen in the article Taxing Junk Food to Counter Obesity by Frank, Grandi and Eisenberg talking about the food taxes that was established by the Danish government in 2001. [...]

[...] (producer), & Morgan. Spurlock. (director). (2004) Super Size Me. United States. Samuel Goldwyn Films Roadside Attractions. Wahowiak, L. (2014). APHA acts on food marketing tax break. The Nation's Health, 2. [...]

[...] In that, governments should control and tax the advertising and some of the strategies. In fact, the most alarming thing, as it is underline in Supersize Me, is that people are not aware of what they eat when they go to a fast food chains for one reason: prevention flyers are hardly ever available or visible in the restaurants as they should. In that way, governments should act and reinforce the legacy on the respect of contracts and on misleading advertising. [...]

[...] (2012). Junk Food in Schools and Childhood Obesity. Journal of Policy Analysis & Management, 312-337. Escobar, M. C., Veerman, J. L., Bertram, M. Y., Tollman, S. M., & Hofman, K. J. (2013). [...]

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