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Unethical child labour

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  1. Child labour causes
  2. Effects of the causes
  3. A disease to cure

Since always, children have been exploited in different ways and for distinctive kinds of work as it exists many sorts of job that kids are doing. Considering the ILO's statistics on child labour, it seems to have decreased since a couple of years but the figures are still so frightening as 168 million of children are working, what corresponds to 1 out of 7 kids. The most alarming thing is that a half of them are engaged in hazardous work that is to say a work that includes "physical, psychological or sexual abuse, work underground, underwater, at dangerous heights or in confined spaces, work with dangerous machinery, work with hazardous materials, work with long hours including night work" (Child Labour, 2013).

[...] To Eradicate or to Legalize? Child Labor Debates and ILO Convention 182 in Bolivia. Global Governance, 61-78. French, J. L. & Wokutch, R. E. (2005). Child workers, globalization, and international business ethics: a case of study in Brazil's export- oriented shoe industry. Richter, P., & De Coninck, S. (2015). [...]

[...] A political way seems to be a first good approach on looking for issues. Moreover, a social way is also practicable in that help should be offered to families and facilitate access to education and minimum school learning. As the topic is about less-developed countries, we can also highlight that one of the problems could be the number of children for one family. More children the parents have, harder it is for them to afford nourishing them and school tuitions. [...]

[...] Unethical child labour Child labour is unethical but necessary in less developed countries. Discuss the causes and effects giving concrete examples and possible solutions. Study Outline Introduction Thesis statement: Although child labour is unethical in our modern-day world, less developed countries usually employ kids for different reasons causing various effects that can be benefits and catastrophic. II- Study Body Issue Child labour causes - Children as a work force - Family cause - Lack of education Issue Effects of the causes - Children health disease - Psychological illness - A vicious circle in less developed countries Issue A disease to cure - Compromise between legalization and eradication - Facilitating access to education III- Conclusion Study Since always, children have been exploited in different ways and for distinctive kinds of work as it exists many sorts of job that kids are doing. [...]

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