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An analysis of Goldstone’s ’The rise of the West- or not? A revision of socio-economic history’

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  1. Introduction
  2. The web of science
  3. The first reference
  4. The second reference
  5. The final reference
  6. The first, second and the third article
  7. Conclusion
  8. References

The article deals with some of the common notions concerning why the so-called ?Rise of the West? (Goldstone, 2000) occurred, and then proceeds to offer counter-arguments all leading up to the final conclusion that without the presence of four events which were arguably complete accidents or chance occurrences, ?There is no reason to believe that Europe would have ever been more advanced that the leading Asian civilizations of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.?(Goldstone, 2000) This idea is closely related to themes in the course which stress the importance of such neglected and unpopular factors as chance, human error, and other less recognized factors. Other major issues that Goldstone covers in his paper are the danger of biases and the ill-conceived nature of historical arguments which are based in the present and examine the past as a source of information fit for various levels of justification. (Goldstone, 2000)

[...] Hall explains of Goldstone: [His] obvious merit in this area is the synoptic range that a major historical sociologist brings to the subject But Goldstone has a position of his own, and this certainly merits analysis.?(Hall, 2001) Hall goes on to reject Goldstone's argument in favor of what he sees as a more well rounded (albeit Eurocentric) view as postulated by Pomeranz.(Hall, 2001) Hall explains: Pomeranz's superb book stands virtually opposed to Goldstone's intra-European story- an account so much based on a rather traditional admiration for England.?(Hall, 2001) Hall later makes reference to the ?ingenious calculations? (Hall, 2001) of Pomeranz's book, and thus both shows his favor of it over Goldstone's ideas and also displays an element of his own bias. [...]

[...] New York: The Free Press. Carroll-Burke, P ?Tools, Instruments and Engines: Getting a handle on the specificity of engine science? Pp.593-625 in Social Studies of Science, Vol.31, No.2. Crosby, Alfred W Ecological Imperialism. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Crosby, Alfred W The Measure of Reality. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Goldstone, Jack A Rise of the West Or Not? A Revision of Socio-Economic History.? Pp. 175-194 [...]

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