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Analysis of uses of social networking sites

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  1. What are student's behaviors and attitudes to online social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc...)?
    1. Quantitative data method
    2. Qualitative data method
  2. The use of social networking sites according to the gender
  3. The use of social networking sites according to the place
  4. Conclusion

To begin my survey, I am going to present my method to identify effectively the major issues of my survey. I have been interested in the study of student's attitudes and student's behavior when they use social networking sites. I have been obliged to choose a way to collect qualitative and quantitative data, to have an overview of student's attitudes and behavior. To collect credible quantitative data, I have chosen to create a questionnaire with 14 questions to understand the student's attitudes and behavior in general. The aim of my questionnaire is to understand how students perceive and use social networking sites with simple questions without addressing the details.

The research population is very huge because UEL has approximately 20,000 students. Moreover, I need to distribute only 30 questionnaires. So, for my sampling method, my questionnaire has been distributed randomly at the library of UEL. I have not targeted a particular student's group so as to achieve the best results possible. So, no particular group is targeted which can give a fair result and unbiased. The collection of data took place in library of the campus of Docklands at the University of East London.

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