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Gambling On the Internet- First Amendment Right or Economy-Drainer?

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  1. Introduction
  2. Online poker as a source of income
  3. Problems with internet gambling
  4. Conclusion

Internet gambling has been on a huge rise since the year 2000. Poker Stars and Party Poker, the biggest of the online poker rooms, are two of the highest earning companies traded on the London Stock Exchange. Many eighteen, nineteen, and twenty-something geniuses have made seven digit earnings on these websites, creating a new breed of millionaire professional gamblers who, ironically, are still too young to step foot in a brick- and- mortar casino in the United States.

[...] Statistics indicate that teenage Internet gambling is the fastest growing addiction. It was also found that younger people tend to take more risks and have higher rates of gambling because, in part, they use computers more (Woodruff, Gregory, 4). It is for these reasons that many people feel that internet gambling presents too many problems and should be banned altogether. Another reason many oppose internet gambling is regulation. According to Alan Smith, the vastness of the internet and the fact that the companies are based offshore makes issues such as sovereignty and enforceability very tricky (438). [...]

[...] College age students are notorious for acquiring debt, and internet gambling on the surface appears to be a quick and easy way to erase that debt. However, many students lose massive amounts of money and only drive themselves further into debt, which brings us to the main issue at hand whenever a discussion of gambling occurs: most of the time, the majority of the people gambling are people who cannot afford to gamble. While it is hard to obtain an exact profile of the internet gambler, a research study published in a UNLV journal attempted to give some basic characteristics. [...]

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