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The relationship between sponsorship, patronage and sponsorship

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  1. Introduction
  2. Sponsorship market
  3. Global sponsorship
  4. Conclusion

"Sponsorship is an institutional vehicle for communication. It is a financial contribution (and / or technical) to discrete cultural action, scientific, social or general interest, which helps maintain or improve in the medium / long term, the company's image patron. It must be distinguished from sponsorship, because its officially philanthropic original connotations. It is a service to the community. "

Sponsorship is an external communication tool that allows the company to enhance its image, its business and its history. It is also an internal tool in that it helps to educate employees about good causes that the company supports and it also helps to foster employee motivation. Today, employees are increasingly involved in the company's sponsorship strategy including social causes. For example, employees can be provided by their company in a cultural or social structure while continuing to pay.

[...] Today, professionals or authors speak of commercial sponsorship and institutional sponsorship to avoid confusion. Sponsorship market According to the annual survey conducted by TNS Sport, sponsorship of the French market is estimated at 4 billion euros in 2007, the year for investment with the Rugby World Cup. Since the 1980s, sponsorship investments continue to grow. In 1999, spending by French companies sponsoring were $ 0.9 billion in 2002 to $ 1.5 billion and now 4 billion. In 2007, sponsorship expenditures worldwide are estimated at $ 40 billion, one third are in Europe (France and Germany) in the US in Asia- Pacific Latin America and in the rest of the world. [...]

[...] This is why the sponsorship market figures are analyzed from a distance. Despite the variations in investment, sponsorship is a growing communications technology, because according to the Union of Advertisers three out of four companies have the project of sponsorship, and 80% have already done. There is a wide variety of corporate sponsors, the SMEs to large multinationals producing more than one billion euros in revenue (Coca-Cola, Adidas, Canon, Marlboro, BNP Paribas . These companies use sponsorship in order to increase their reputation, their image and media visibility. [...]

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