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Sports development and governance in Russia

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  1. Issues related to sport governance in Russia
  2. Rule of law/ regulations
  3. Transparency
  4. Responsiveness
  5. Consensus oriented
  6. Efficiency and effectiveness
  7. Accountability

Governing bodies happen to be an integral part of the industry of sports. Whatever governing body happens to be organized in some manner that allows it to accomplish its specified mission within the surroundings in which it operates. There exists inherent change within this process since the governing body has to keep a consistency and stability level over time and be responsible to market place changes as well. Knowledge on the organization of a governing body assists managers of sports to have a better understanding as to why a governing body may operate in some specific manner as well as the reason as to why certain sports governing bodies are more effective compared to others.

[...] Raphael, B In Sports Governance, Silver Takes The Gold. [Online] Available at: sports-governance-silver-takes-the-gold/ [Accessed 2015]. Richard, B CORPORATE GOVERNANCE IN PROFESSIONAL SPORT. [Online] Available at: governance-in-professional-sport [Accessed 2015]. SA.Gov A Good Practice Guide. Sports Governance Principles:, p Thomas, H. S., Kimberly, J. B. & Lawrence, W. J SPORT GOVERNANCE AND POLICY DEVELOPMENT. Illinois ed. [...]

[...] Clear guidelines, procedures as well as guidelines should be present and the members should follow them accordingly (Goodgovernance org, 2012). There should be a body empowered with punishing those in violation. The ministry of sports in Russia does operate under physical culture as well as sport regulations, basically assisting federations in: Sport science and medicine, high performance, international relations, Olympic education and marketing (Peter p. 83). All organizations and activities related to sports work under the guidelines of 2007 federal law on physical culture as well as sport founded on such principles as: Sports free access for intellectual, physical, and moral development for everyone, as well as consecutive connection within physical education through all ages The state promises rights related to sports to the citizens as well as discrimination and violence prohibition, assistance to the disabled as well as others in need for special social protection and safety for spectators and participants. [...]

[...] The sports industry governance should be accountable for public as well as institutional resources and actions. The complexity, size as well as operations for sporting organizations vary, hence for optimization of individual performance, there has to be flexibility within systems and structures adopted. Such flexibility has to be balanced against contestability, accountability, as well as transparency. Sporting organizations have a responsibility to clarify to interested parties if any alternative method to the best training standards is adopted (the why not, if not obligation) (SA.Gov, 2015) Conclusion Russia has tried very much to make sure that it retains its position within the international level. [...]

[...] The surroundings are important for better sporting hence improvement of the environment should be effected Regulations- more regulations needs to be put in place to deal with corrupt officials in sports governance as well as for those who are trying to fake victory in games. Disqualification may not but be enough. References I Trust Sport Good sports governance. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 2015]. Goodgovernance org WHAT IS GOOD GOVERNANCE?. [Online] Available at: is-good-governance/ [Accessed 2015]. Michael, P Sport Governance: What Are We Actually Talking About?. [Online] Available at: 753&Itemid=166 [Accessed 2015]. Peter, S Russia. russia_case_study, pp. 74-89. [...]

[...] The disabled too have a place within Russian sports. Recommendations Equity and Inclusiveness - The well-being of the sports society is dependent upon making sure that every member feels like they possess a share of the sports industry and do not feel excluded the sports society's main stream. This does entail all groups and more particularly those that are too vulnerable, to have chances to maintain or improve their well-being Transparency- it is important that the country's sport organization governance exercise more transparency in the way resources are utilized to avoid misunderstandings. [...]

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