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The Sociological Aspects of the Globalization of Soccer in the United States

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  1. Abstract.
  2. Review of Related Literature.
  3. Context to the Study.
  4. Scope and Delimitations.
  5. Review of Related Literature.
    1. Of US Sports and Globalization.
    2. Globalization and the Soccer Divide
  6. Conclusions

Through an extensive review of related literature, the present study intended to investigate the sociological aspects of the globalization of soccer in the United States. The key findings are as follows: 1) poorer countries suffer from ?leg drain? over the richest soccer clubs, including those of the US, indicating the imperative for an international authority to implement non-commercial rules and help address the harshness of those which are exclusively for commercial purposes; 2) the seeming lack of enthusiasm in the sport has also been taken to mean as apathy or indifference ? interpreted in parallel with the US' approach to pressing modern-day issues; and 3) the globalization of soccer has been presented as a reflection of interdependency and unity among audiences, and among nations.

[...] The present study intends to assess the sociological aspects of the globalization of soccer in the United States by discussing its implications on poorer countries, parallelisms of the game to other issues of the day, and its ability to promote unity and cross-cultural interaction. Context to the Study The contemporary issues of increasing returns to scale, the transfer of technology, and endogenous skills have received considerable attention from growth literature. The objective is to demonstrate how some neo-classical violations might cause the focus of both capital and labor in the most progressive regions of the globe, or the most developed portions of the country (Coleman, 2004; Easterly, 2001). [...]

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