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We must seek complex solutions to our complex problems that have been mistaken to be linear and thus solved linearly

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  1. Introduction
  2. The traditional version of the game Battleship
  3. Questions about strategy in the complex field
  4. Entropy/Attrition
  5. Conclusion

The game Battleship?? exhibits a system in which there are linear solutions to linear problems: bomb cells that surround the areas of downed Battleship?s. Those who believe that reality is linear believe that this game represents it well. The currently evolving Information Age has shed light on the fact that most problems are complex, and are often mistaken to be linear.

[...] The reason it is difficult to propose a generalized strategy for playing on such a board is because our rule sets must be applicable to any and all boards that are generated by means of preferential attachment. The game starts out with quick moves and relatively short periods of pondering, and its ending is similarly brisk. However, the middle section is slow and deliberate; most of the thinking goes into this portion of the game. Many varying strategies evolved towards the closing stages of the game. [...]

[...] It is much more challenging and move- consuming to locate all of these nodes on a complex board because one node may have more than four links, whereas in the regular version of Battleship it is certain that there are no more than four spaces around a ?bombed' portion of a battleship. For instance, if we are the opponent of the player whose board is picture is Picture and we decide to bomb F6, we will find out that it was a successful hit, and that our next move should be one of the following four: F5, E6, F7, or G6. [...]

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