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Bowerman and the Men of Oregon

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  1. Abstract
  2. Summary
    1. The book Bowerman and the Men of Oregon
    2. Early life of Bill Bowerman
    3. Attending the University of Oregon
    4. Bowerman's most famous and prized athlete
  3. Positive traits
    1. His being intelligent and unique
    2. The characteristic of faith through giving responsibility
    3. A visionary who knew what was best
    4. Coaching the athletes to be good on and off the field
  4. Application
  5. Conclusion
  6. References

A coach by the name of Bill Bowerman sets out to change the lives of many young college students through their abilities in track and field. Bowerman, a famous coach from the University of Oregon not only coaches Olympians but prepares them for the real world after college. He is also the co-founder of Nike, the reason why so many athletes have great running equipment. Bowerman possesses many traits that make him much more than a coach. Bowerman and the Men of Oregon is an excellent biography on the life of Bowerman and what he did in the lives of so many young people.

[...] Bowerman knew there was more to life and wanted to get his athletes ready for the life ahead of them through good mentorship. I think one of the biggest things today's society needs is mentorship. Children often seek answers from other students rather than their parents. Kids are seeking direction and aren't finding it in the right places. As a coach, I really want to mentor kids to grow up and be responsible adults who live for Jesus Christ. There are many lessons I have learned through reading this book about what it means to be a good coach. [...]

[...] He was arrogant and full of pride as he wanted to be the best runner in the world. He came into Oregon because he knew that Bowerman was the right coach for him. He came into Oregon running with guys who were much better than him and he would ask them if he was running too fast? Prefontaine wanted to run the mile however Bowerman felt he was more of a 5000 runner. Even after nearly running a four minute mile on the track solo, Bowerman still felt he didn't have enough speed and was made for the 5000 meters. [...]

[...] Bowerman also became friends with Bill Hayward while he was at Oregon. Hayward was the former coach of Oregon and gave Bowerman the job. Bowerman wasn't exactly the best coach at the time but since he knew Hayward, this landed him the job. He soon learned many new coaching techniques by following what other coaches were doing. He really didn't know much about distance running but learned from what the Europeans were doing with interval training and monitoring heart rate. Bowerman's most famous and prized athlete was Steve Prefontaine. [...]

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