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  1. Introduction
  2. The controversy sorounding 'junk miles'
  3. Junk miles: Workouts that interferes with scheduled speed workouts
  4. Lessing: Being as efficient as possible
  5. The view of the American Heart Association
  6. Reasonable explanation for utilizing junk training
  7. Conclusion

We've all been there; the legs feel tired, the heart is pounding and the body's exhaust systems are beginning to shut down- and the workout is just starting to wind down! The question is, how much should you cool down? ?Junk miles?, as they are generally known, are the miles that serve as padding for many an athlete's training program and they boost weekly mileage and offer bragging rights to anybody who will listen, but are they really effective or are they just a big waste of time?

[...] are no junk miles in my swim training, but there are junk miles in my run and bike training during this period.? With even the elites sporting different views, it can get a little sticky when trying to determine how to best approach even basic training. But before we get into the junk or no junk controversy it's important that we define exactly what ?junk miles' are and what most athletes mean when they refer to them. Junk miles in general are typically referred to as any type of workout that interferes (i.e. [...]

[...] No matter how much disagreement may surface from this junk mileage talk most triathletes will agree and say get more junk! You know what, if only they would say the same thing about eating habits! David Hunt is a freelance writer and runner from the White Mountains of New Hampshire. He writes about running, fitness and overall well-being while at the same time racing in road races and triathlons around the country and of course, trying to keep up a steady flow of junk miles and not so much junk food! [...]

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