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How to Increase Visibility and Marketability of Normally Non-Revenue Sports

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  1. Abstract
  2. Generating money in sports
  3. Why sports other than football and basketball are not popular
    1. Lack of Intensity
    2. A lack of scoring
    3. The time frame
    4. The level of risk involved
  4. Suggested solutions
    1. The need for a new outlook in the management department
    2. Issues with leadership and marketability
    3. The need for a change in the rules
    4. Improving the location of the fields
    5. Improving the lack of good competition
    6. Improvement in advertising
    7. promoting sports over the internet
  5. Implementing the ideas
  6. Conclusion
  7. Bibliography

While only a few sports manage to accede above and beyond expectations, so many sports struggle to become great a sporting event. This report will go over ways in which sports that struggle with revenue can increase their visibility and marketability in the sports world. There are many untapped markets out there such as the internet that need to be exploited a little more and can take a sport to another level. Other areas covered are athlete visibility, game structure and unique ways to advertise. I believe all sports can become better if the right people can get involved to give the sport a new outlook.

[...] Before we can come up with solutions for solving the problems of so many sports, it is important to look at what sports like football and basketball have that the others don't. I think one of the biggest things sports fans here in America want is intensity. Fans want to see someone put their physical well-being on the line which is something soccer and track often lack. So many sports fans use sports as a means of escape. They want to be so engrained in the game that they forget everything else that is going on in life. [...]

[...] According to Frank Supovitz, ?advertising in newspapers, magazines, and on radio and television (media ?outside? of the event venue) that is designed to promote ticket sales or attendance, or increase the broadcasting audience, and includes sponsors names and logos is of great value to most partner companies.? I know that soccer has a wide variety of advertisements but I don't see that happening in track. Supovitz makes a great point that advertising through newspapers, magazines, radio and television will increase ticket sales. [...]

[...] A change in the format of the meet is one of the most important things that need to change followed up by increasing the amount of advertising and where the advertisement is placed. Most all of the areas I touched on apply to all sports if they want to be the best. I think football has done the best job in all these areas and many other sports can learn from what they have done. It is important to remember however that there are risks involved. [...]

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