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Mickey Mantle: The impact of the fatherly figures within his life

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  1. Introduction
  2. Growing up in an emotionally detached family environment
  3. Mickey arrival in New York
  4. Mickey's two great mentors
  5. Conclusion
  6. Bibliography

In the era of postwar America, baseball defined American culture and society. Mickey Mantle was molded into one of the greatest baseball players by his father, Mutt Mantle, and the Yankee's Manager, Casey Stengel. Throughout Mickey Mantle's life, he always had a fatherly figure in his life. He was ?America's prodigal son? (Castro, Mickey Mantle: America's Prodigal Son).
Baseball defined father-son relationships, especially with Mickey Mantle. Mutt Mantle planned Mickey's life from the time he was born.

[...] He never received the release of his father that he desperately needed. carousing, his sexual infidelity, his showing up hung over for games it may have been Mantle not wanting be cheated,' but it also was the rebellion of a son seeking that release? (Castro 175). Heroes and rebels emerged within postwar society and baseball. Ted Williams was the all-American, war and baseball hero. Men like Billy Martin and James Dean were referred to as rebels because of their attitudes and actions not being, in the sense, [...]

[...] In A Hero All His Life, Merlyn Mantle stated that Mickey knew from the time he was five years old that he wanted to be a ballplayer, and how he could never face his father if he didn't make it to the major leagues? (Castro 11). During the postwar era, society was changing. More individuals were becoming independent and choosing their own paths. Mickey's father-son relationships prevented him from separating himself to become more independent. Every decision was made for him. [...]

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