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Does lifting weights regularly mean more success for baseball players?

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  1. Introduction
  2. Four definitions of choking as performance decrements
  3. The will to win and succeed in baseball
  4. The evolution of the athlete
    1. Athletes that feel they need to be bigger
    2. Why baseball players partake in strength training
    3. Overhead motion athletes
    4. Injury prevention
  5. The topic of steroids
    1. Creatine monohydrate
    2. Sports that are exhausting
  6. Conclusion
  7. Bibliography

Athletics have changed dramatically over the last century, with an obvious assurance that these will continue to change as long as athletes strive to be the best. The most competitive athletes will often do practically anything to boost performance in hopes of being on top. Whether it is psychological or physical, a competitor is always seeking that certain ?edge? that opponents lack. This evolution of larger athletes has rapidly progressed over the last few decades, as dedicated athletes often spend hours upon hours in the weight room, attempting to attain more muscle to help achieve victory.

There is no concrete statistic that proves the larger the athlete, the more success he will accomplish. However, by investigating the sizes of baseball players who have been successful in recent years, one comes to the conclusion that larger players are generally more successful than those of smaller stature. With this theory being stated, some athletes yearn to become larger in any way, shape, or form.

[...] Summary- Biomechanics of pitching/throwing a baseball Key quotes- It would follow then that any increase in the amount of shoulder anterior force during the arm cocking phase could be directly associated with pathology at the ligamentous restraints such as increasing anterior shoulder instability. A reduction in the amount of x-axis movement was strongly associated with an increase in fastball velocity, and perceived skill level. These findings concur with the observations of Feltner (1989) who suggested Throwing mechanics, pathology, and performance suggested that the rotation around a relatively stationary non-throwing shoulder would give rise to higher trunk rotation torques and therefore higher throwing velocity. [...]

[...] Studies involving adult baseball players have demonstrated that the strength of shoulder adductors, wrist extensors and elbow extensors have predicted throwing speed (Clements, Ginn, Henley). As mentioned previously, there is no concrete statistic which confirms the larger and more conditioned the athlete, the more success he or she will accomplish. However, by investigating the sizes and condition of athletes who have been successful in recent years, one comes to the conclusion that larger, well conditioned athletes are commonly more successful than the opposite. With this being stated more and more athletes strive to become larger, more conditioned and take better care of their body. [...]

[...] The first sports that would come to mind in terms of strength training not always being necessary for success would be running and track, but even in the sport of baseball, pitchers lifting too much weight the wrong way can seriously injury a valuable and delicate throwing arm. Simply put, lifting weights the wrong way can cause serious injury. An athlete can lift weights more safely by following basic lifting guidelines. Finding someone who can help teach how to do the exercises correctly is essential and good technique is most important to avoid injury, as some high school coaches or athletic trainers can help. [...]

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