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Principles, values and ethics in sports

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  1. Introduction
  2. Principles, values and ethics in sport
    1. Principles
    2. Value
    3. Ethics
  3. Values and ethics in school and sporting clubs
  4. Impact or principles and ethics
  5. Notes for meeting
    1. Problems
    2. Delivery of message
    3. Outcome
  6. Basketball code of conduct
    1. Coach's code of conduct
    2. Parents code of conduct
    3. Players code of conduct
  7. Hockey codes of conduct
    1. Sportsmanship
    2. Core values
    3. Codes of conduct
    4. Coaches code of conduct:
    5. Officials code of conduct
    6. Parents code of conduct
    7. Players code of conduct
  8. Evaluation
  9. Recommendations
  10. Reasons for participation and non participation
    1. Development of sport
    2. Organization of sport
    3. Education in sport
    4. Funding of sport
    5. Sponsorship in sport
  11. Influence of media in sport
  12. Sporting timeline

A Principle is a basic truth, law or policy. Principles are standards that define moral behavior. A principle in sport might be that the officials treat all equally on the field of play. Values are ideals that form the basis of actions and beliefs. Values in sport include enjoyment, quality of movement, fitness and health, and character building. Ethics are rules that dictate your conduct. They form a system of rules that groups and societies are judged on. An ethic in sport would be that you stick to the spirit of the rules of the game.

Sport must be played fairly without discrimination by officials. For example, the referee in a rugby match is expected to make decisions on what has happened on the field of play. Regardless of who the player is. This illustrates the principle of fair play in sport. In premier league football teams it is often thought that England players ?get away' with behavior that would be deemed unacceptable and against the principle of fair play.

[...] More women are now involved in sports and are getting some recognition for it. Other social influences in sports participation include race, social class, economic status and disability. The problems with the access need to be solved for each group if there is to be widening of the participation in sport. Reasons for participation and non-participation Opening times May not be convenient for shift workers. Age sport is often perceived as a young person's activity and clearly elderly people may fell undignified if they participate in the sport. [...]

[...] Values and ethics in school and sporting clubs: If a sporting club or school has a strong commitment to ethics and values its likely to keep the participants interested at it is reassuring that the practice of the sport will be taking out correctly and played fairly. Also this will help in other parts of life such as academically because it will help them to behave correctly and have the right attitude. Impact or principles and ethics: Individuals and organizations need to assess the impact of their actions and beliefs on: Management Employees Participants Attitudes of all who are associated with the organization Customer satisfaction Participation rates Revenue Standing in local community The ways in which the impact can be assessed include questionnaires, interviews, staff turnover and audits of data. [...]

[...] Officials Code of Conduct: Act in a professional and businesslike manner at all time and take your role seriously. Strive to provide a safe and sportsmanlike environment in which players can properly display their hockey skills. Know all playing rules, their interpretations and their proper application. Remember that officials are teachers. Set a good example. Make your calls with quiet confidence; never with arrogance. Control games only to the extent that is necessary to provide a positive and safe experience for all participants. [...]

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