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Sports doping and performance enhancing supplements

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  1. Introduction
  2. Getting tested for drugs
  3. Reasons why athletes use perfomance enhancers
    1. Falling into the traps of illegal performance enhancing substances
    2. Not using performance enhancers
  4. Scientists' efforts in helping athletes perform better
  5. The psychological effects of sports doping
  6. The increasing use of performance enhancing substances
  7. Conclusion

As I embark on my journey of college swimming, there are several things to expect. There is what many believe to be,? glamour's? that come along with being a Division I collegiate athlete. The state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, the top of the line gear and endorsements, availability to tutors and academic support, and on-campus housing are just to name a few. However, some of the less-than glamorous aspects of being a Division I athlete are early morning practices, balancing a demanding schedule and drug tests. What many amateur athletes do not know is that as a Division I athlete, you are subject to these ?randomized? drug tests.

I first learned about these drug tests when I spent a week at the Olympic Training Center for an altitude training camp. At the camp there were mandatory information sessions. The information sessions were all on the subject of our sport, swimming. We were informed on the topics of nutrition, proper warming up and warming down for competition, and most importantly, drug testing.

[...] The use of these performance enhancers will create level playing field? among sports and elite level athletics. This playing field can be considered equal and level if the use of performance enhancers were allowed. Due to the fact that technology is ever-changing and that there will always be athletes and trainers continuously searching for the latest enhancers, the use of performance enhancers should be legal. If the use of such enhancers were legal, sports today would turn into ?super-sports?. Records would continually be broken and new statistics would always be posted. [...]

[...] This mental need is just one of the many psychological affects of the use of steroids, stimulants, and other illegal performance enhancing supplements frequently used in sports and athletic competitions today. There are many sports that benefit from the use of performance enhancing supplements. Swimming is a sport that is specifically targeted in drug testing. Due to the high levels of endurance demanded in order to perform well, training for swimming is one of the most grueling of all sports. [...]

[...] About thirty minutes later, I left the Health Center feeling quite uncomfortable and that sports today will no longer be the same as what they were earlier in the century due to prevalent use of performance enhancers. There are many ethical issues in elite level sports today that are unavoidable and that have forever changed the way athletes compete in their sport. There are many reasons why athletes feel that it is necessary to use a substance or drug in order to perform better in their sport. [...]

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