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27 Jul 2010

Human capital as a factor in the performance of a company

Thesis - 5 pages - Human resources

The ultimate goal of a company is to ensure strong and sustainable growth. Growth is indeed a quantitative process characterized by the increase in size of the company in terms of products and results. It determines the survival of the company, and is also a means of measuring the goals achieved...

21 Jun 2010

Managing human capital in the process of merger and acquisition

Thesis - 5 pages - Human resources

Mergers and acquisitions have become a regular business strategy in the present corporate scenario. They involve lengthy and thorough discussions and strategies are worked out in detail before the deals are closed. These discussions influence the future of the organization with respect to the...

27 Jul 2022

What is employee satisfaction and what is the role of human resources (HR) in enforcing employee satisfaction?

Essay - 2 pages - Human resources

In light of the current rapid changes at the social and economic level, companies have begun to realize that employees are the most “valuable asset” and even the secret of their success and stability (?ulibrk et al., 2018). In addition, employee satisfaction is an essential separation...

04 Dec 2022

Hard and soft human resource management - Theory and examples

Case study - 9 pages - Human resources

The concept of Human Resource Management has many times been described as an idea with two distinct forms: hard and soft. The two forms have been opposed along several dimensions, and frequently get used by different commentators as strategic devices for categorization approaches in the...

19 Jul 2021

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Human Resources

Case study - 3 pages - Human resources

In our era, CSR is not only a "trendy" matter but has a real impact on the positioning of the company and its impact on the society. Initiatives can be found in every department: Human Resources make no exception. This is related to my future first dream job: HR manager or Business Partner...

17 Apr 2015

Human Resource Policies Influence on Performance of Medium Sized Manufacturing Firms

Case study - 5 pages - Business strategy

Globalization has created a paradigm shift in the ways by which firms conduct their business. The convergence of world economies has minimized-and in some cases eliminated-both legislative and geographical barriers to international production and sale of goods and services. The flip-side of this...

31 Oct 2023

The State of the Questions Regarding Human Rights and Development in Chile, a Developing Country

Case study - 8 pages - International economy

As part of our research, we undertook an in-depth study of a specific subject that captivated us and aroused our keen interest. This research turned out to be an exciting exploration, as it enabled us to deepen our knowledge and develop expertise in a Chilean particular field. Chile represents...

06 Nov 2014

Human Resource Approach during Economic Downturn

Case study - 15 pages - Human resources

The contemporary environmental dynamisms present new and unpredictable economic patterns translating into new challenges for organizations already struggling to keep pace with the market volatility. While the general entrepreneur agrees that the risks are abound during turbulent times, the...

29 Sep 2016

Death penalty: does the U.S. really need capital punishment?

Thesis - 5 pages - Social, moral & civic education

Capital punishment, which is the act of killing a criminal for a terrible crime, is a controversial subject in the United States. Over the course of history, public opinion has wavered on whether or not the death penalty should be administered. Decades ago in the 1970's, for example,...

18 Aug 2014

Human rights violation in North

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Human rights are based on the rule of respect for human life and the individual. The fundamental supposition of human rights is that every person is a moral, rational being who deserves to be treated with reverence and dignity. Human rights are universal henceforth...

17 Apr 2015

Against human rights - Slavoj Zizek

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

Slavoj Žižek proposes an argumentthat goes against all the basis on the contemporarysocieties. He proposes that human rights are not as relevant as they are made to be. He uses the belief that human rights rests on three assumptions, reducing the ability of political...

28 Jul 2015

Estimation of the cost of equity capital using Gordon's dividend discount model

Case study - 5 pages - Economy general

Mishkin and Eakins, (2006) defines expected rate of return on equity as “the amount of net income returned as a percentage of shareholders' equity.” The return on equity is used to estimate the profitability of a company by establishing the amount of income generated using investor...

09 May 2009

Human resources: New vistas & challenges

Dissertation - 54 pages - Human resources

Human capital is not about describing people as economic units; rather it is a way of viewing people as critical contributors to an organization's success. It can be measured and managed more effectively in coming times as and when the human resource functions evolve with...

10 Mar 2011

Human Resource Management: E-Recruitment

Thesis - 12 pages - Human resources

This report offers an overall analysis and evaluation of the current recruitment scenario. It shows the current economic climate, and how it affects E-recruitments a whole. It compares traditional methods of recruitment with that of the fast growing domain of E-recruitment. The website review...

26 Jun 2008

Human Resources Management: Challenges and Controlling Mechanisms

Case study - 10 pages - Human resources

Organizational Psychology holds that successful organizations focus not only on market realities and sustainable competitive advantages, but also on their human capital, which they consider as their most vital asset. In a sense, facts and figures are the quantitative elements of a...

04 Jun 2008

Critical Review the Development of Human Resource and Culture at Microsoft

Essay - 3 pages - Accounting

When Bill Gate started the Microsoft organization 3 decades ago, he did not envision the significant growth and prosperity that would take place in the organization. As a result, Gates founded his organization on basic principles of organizational development and human resource management...

03 Mar 2011

"History of Capitalism" (part 4 to part 7) by Michel Beaud (2000)

Book review - 35 pages - Economy general

Capitalism is a logic based on the production of goods. It became prominent in Britain along with Europe and the United States during the "early industrial" era from 1770 to 1860: Textiles, machinery, railways and arms. But capitalism in its historical movement, also concerns the capitalist...

16 May 2009

Soft capitalism as related to therapeutic modes of work

Essay - 71 pages - Services marketing

The global village concept has fuelled soft capitalism and the rise of the ethos in this field within organizations. Let us first understand the basis of globalization. While not so different from traditional villages in its desire to engage in a free exchange of ideas, the...

30 May 2009

Social capital and The Gap, Inc.

Thesis - 6 pages - Social, moral & civic education

Social capital lends itself to interpretation. It is an all-encompassing and important concept for viewing present day businesses, economic situations, organizational behavior, politics and even in how self-interest can play out in areas like natural resources or public health. Social...

22 Jul 2009

Before teen pregnancy: Contrasting the social capital and empowerment theories

Thesis - 3 pages - Social, moral & civic education

This paper will analyze two human behavior theories. Within this analysis, the discussion will review the history of these theories, their supporters, the stages of acceptance of the theories, and the strengths verses the weaknesses of each theory. Next, the paper will review the social...

16 Jan 2009

An assessment of the usefulness of human resource planning, in Rexel

Essay - 12 pages - Human resources

The human resource planning (HRP) is a problematical area, in particular, during the phases of disorder and confusion within the business environment, which can provoke instability. Thus, hesitation is created among the need of planning and the complexity of forecast. Although this...

14 Apr 2009

Standard Chartered Bank and human resource management

Thesis - 24 pages - Human resources

Standard Chartered Bank is a British bank headquartered in London with operations in more than seventy countries. It operates a network of over 1,700 branches and outlets (including subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures) and employs 73,000 people. Despite its British base, it has few...

15 Jan 2009

What is strategic human resource management? Critical evaluation of the concept in terms of theory and practice

Essay - 4 pages - Human resources

In the 1980's, a new concept called ‘Human Resource Management' was born. This trend comes after an intense period of Taylorisation, Fordism and now, McDonaldisation. HRM came to counter balance these trends and consider the concept of Man as a man and not as a machine. For the last...

05 Mar 2009

The role played by Human Resources and their contribution in the success of Merger and Acquisitions. Case study: Tata -Corus

Thesis - 45 pages - Human resources

Tata-Corus, Arcelor-Mittal, Daimler-Chrysler, America online- Time Warner…. The phenomenon of Merger and Acquisition has proved to be a very popular means for organizations to achieve growth and promote strategic change, especially during the last two decades. The reason that the concern...

18 Mar 2009

The role played by the human resources department: Its contribution to bringing success in the retail supermarkets in UK with reference to Tesco

Case study - 42 pages - Human resources

During the past few decades, the world has observed an unparalleled growth of business into universal markets. To compete with changing trends in the market businesses are becoming more system oriented. In UK the retail landscape has changed over the past 40 years in terms of changes in location...

28 Nov 2012

Human resource management in context of change management

Case study - 8 pages - Human resources

Multinational Corporations operate in more than one country. They have production facilities in different countries around the world. Often they operate in countries which have entirely different culture than the culture of their home country. This impacts the company's human resource...

30 Dec 2010

Function of the human resources within the French group, Dassault Aviation

Case study - 8 pages - Human resources

Dassault Aviation, a French industry group, accounts for 8000 collaborators, including 3000 with a site in Saint-Cloud. As a major player of the world aircraft industry, the group posts its specificity: the support of its customers. The manufacturer civil-soldier bases its strategy on products of...

17 Apr 2008

Human Resource Development in the Law Enforcement Field

Essay - 6 pages - Management

Law enforcement is a unique field which is highly dependent on human resource development (HRD) but is often times lacking in individual training and support. Regardless of the type of law enforcement officer (LEO), individuals in this field take numerous risks and may witness disturbing...

15 Jan 2009

Management of international human resources: Coca Cola

Essay - 7 pages - Human resources

According to Armstrong in 2006 "International human resource management is the process of employing, developing and rewarding people in global organisations". However, nowadays, one of the most complex challenges for a MNC, across the globe, is the management of human resources...

29 Sep 2010

What is "Strategic Human Resource Management"? Critically evaluate the concept in terms of theory and practice

Essay - 5 pages - Human resources

In an era of globalisation, organisations have to face a business environment which involves quick responses to change, such as new laws or social trends, so that they do not expire or become obsolete. It is evident that only people, and not machines, are able to anticipate these changes and...