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03 Nov 2022

The Outcome of Digital Influence During the COVID Pandemic

Dissertation - 46 pages - Communication

Relationships are important in all societies of individuals and businesses. People-to-people interactions are essential. Consumers no longer buy products, they buy values, ethics and want to feel engaged to environmental purposes. Communication is not about speaking anymore, but listening and...

23 Apr 2009

La Moria Grandissima and the Legacy of the Pandemic

Thesis - 5 pages - Ancient history

It is widely agreed that the Black Plague first emerged in Europe in the fourteenth century around the years of 1347-48. One of the deadliest and most significant pandemics in human history, the Black Plague changed not only the face of Europe, but Asia as well, and in some ways the human...

05 Jun 2008

Issues in Communicating the Avian Influenza Pandemic

Essay - 3 pages - Medical studies

The threat of avian influenza is one that differs significantly from the annual dose of flu we experience, and the occurrence of an influenza pandemic would be devastating if the public relied only on its current typical flu attitudes and practices. Avian influenza presents an enormous...

21 May 2023

How to Manage Great Resignation - The Economist (2021) - How Firms can Rethink their Recruitment Strategy for Keeping their Workforce in Place and Motivated?

Text commentary - 4 pages - International economy

This article from The Economist was edited approximately one year ago (late November 2021), two years after the pandemic crisis. Economies are impacted in many ways. First of all, human resource managers have to reinvent their job. For two years, the job market has been struggling due to...

07 Jun 2022

Essay on international agreements : sales of Covid-19 vaccines

Essay - 5 pages - International law

This situation has changed the world. Experiencing such situations require a certain level of implication and commitment on the international scale. Meaning, all the countries were henceforth concerned about this pandemic. Fever, dry cough, and exhaustion are the most prevalent Covid-19...

12 Sep 2022

Financial Risk Management - In which circumstances should you hold gold?

Essay - 9 pages - Finance

The universal crisis of capitalism that shook the world in the year 2008 showed that speculative business, especially mortgage loans, are at high risk, because in the long term they triggered a crisis due to the bursting of the bubble financial. They have thus shown that there is no way to...

11 Jul 2022

Is Petco positioned for long-term growth? - Caroline Jansen (2022) - Is Petco's positioning adjustment effective?

Text commentary - 2 pages - Brand management

This article was published on April 4, 2022, on Retail Dive and written by Caroline Jansen. This article discusses the new procedures put in place by the large American pet retailer Petco to expand. Indeed, after the pandemic, more and more households, being in need of company, adopted...

23 Apr 2023

HIV / AIDS - Definition, Transmission Mode and Prevention

Course material - 3 pages - Medical studies

AIDS or acquired immunosuppression syndrome, revealed in 1981, is the serious consequence of infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), responsible for a reduction in cellular immunity which is a source of opportunistic infections. The improvement of immune functions under multi...

03 May 2023

Porter's five forces, PESTEL and SWOT analysis - Puma France

Case study - 6 pages - Sport marketing

"Puma SE is a German company specializing in the manufacture of sporting goods founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler, older brother of Adolf Dassler founder of Adidas, and based in Herzogenaurach in Bavaria." This brand certainly manufactures sporting goods but its greatest strength lies in the...

23 Apr 2021

The most prominent events that the world and Europe have lived through, especially during the last decade, their repercussions and the most important measures taken to avoid or reduce their severity

Tutorials/exercises - 4 pages - Modern history

The origin of the crisis dates back to ancient times, when it was derived from the Greek word krino, meaning an important or decisive decision. From the political field, the crisis is considered: a case that discusses the aspects of the political system, which also requires a decision to confront...

06 Oct 2022

Market Study - The Do it Yourself in the UK

Market study - 9 pages - Distribution marketing

The world's do-it-yourself home development market has gotten expected to reach 27 billion pounds by the fourth quarter of 2022, at an intriguing Compound Annual Growth Rate of 40 percent between 2017 and 2022 (Seo et al., 2021). The United Kingdom has not only managed to achieve but also...

31 May 2022

Sustainable remote work practices for progressive reductions of road traffic emissions

Dissertation - 68 pages - Ecology & environment

Although technology developments brought about possibilities for all work which could be done remotely to be done remotely within the Netherlands, limitations for additional and sustainable implementation of remote work practices remained. Secondary research sheds light on the extent to which...

25 Nov 2020

Critical thinking questions - Social problem

Essay - 1 pages - Sociology

I think that the most important social problem facing the world today is global warming, because it is a natural issue which is growing enormously and we can't stop it. We can certainly limit it by changing our daily habits but that won't make it stop or disappear so we have to live with...

22 Oct 2020

The post-COVID-19 Automotive Industry - Challenges and Solutions

Sectorial analysis - 5 pages - Purchasing & supply chain

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on all industries. While the tourism sector, as well as the aeronautics sector, has been particularly affected by the pandemic, several other sectors are also facing a similar crisis. This is particularly the case with the...

22 Jan 2023

Taiwan's Semiconductor Shortage: Origins and Geopolitical Future

Case study - 6 pages - International economy

Semiconductors have become a central factor in our 21st century. As technology is used in all fields of human activity, from refrigerators to laptops, from electric cars to artificial intelligence, and from solar panels to military weapons, the need for electronic chips has grown and the demand...

16 Jun 2021

SWOT Analysis - Qatar Airways

Case study - 4 pages - Tourism marketing

Qatar Airways is the flag carrier of the State of Qatar in the Middle East. The company is known to be one of the best airlines in the world in terms of safety, comfort, image. Its main air hub is located in Doha, Qatar, and the company operates flights all over the world, sometimes via...

24 Feb 2021

How is globalisation today and how a firm should adapt to that?

Essay - 8 pages - Micro-economy, job-unemployment

The 21st century saw unprecedented financial, economic, political and sanitary crisis. The environment of globalization was affected by these challenges. So, concerns about reversed globalization or de-globalization appeared. The following analysis demonstrates that Globalization is not...

28 Jul 2022

The cosmetics marketing

Case study - 5 pages - Luxury marketing

The cosmetics industry is a huge and profitable market in the world. Today, this market is worth billions. In fact, according to the Cosmetics Europe and the personal care association in 2020, Europe was the largest market in the world, with 76.7 billion euros; followed by the USA with 72.3...

04 Apr 2022

How should HR respond to "The Great Resignation"?

Tutorials/exercises - 2 pages - Human resources

The experts coined the term "The Great Resignation" to refer to a wave of resignations after the Covid-19 pandemic. As per a report, around 40% of people thought of quitting their jobs. It is hard to pinpoint one specific cause of The Great Resignation; in fact, there are multiple factors...

01 Aug 2022

Pestel Analysis - The real estate market in the US

Case study - 6 pages - Services marketing

The United States' housing market is experiencing a considerable shift. As the government tries to quell the impacts of inflation with relatively higher interest rates, every other aspect of the economy from foreclosure rates to housing market prices remains in flux. As such, housing prices...

14 Jul 2022

DAC 6: The Mandatory Disclosure Regime

Practical guide - 4 pages - European law

Under the European Union's DAC6 tax disclosure coordination, the reporting requirements have become enforced across the member states after an almost seven-month postponement of reporting deadlines by many member states, as a result of the recent coronavirus pandemic. Complying with...

07 Apr 2009

Facing the inevitable: A psychological and social analysis of reactions to epidemics

Thesis - 6 pages - Psychology

In light of the growing threat of the avian flu, we thought it would be useful to investigate the psychological coping mechanisms that people employ to deal with pandemics and to try to minimize chaos by predicting these responses. Using historical accounts of epidemics, we concluded that...

29 Apr 2009

Comparing the response to cholera in Zimbabwe with SARS response in Toronto - Public health systems in crisis

Thesis - 5 pages - Social sciences

This is an article about two diseases: cholera and SARS. Pandemics today potentially can spread from one part of the globe to another. The spread of SARS from Hong Kong where it was first identified and isolated, to Toronto (which was particularly hard hit), in part has to do with the...

28 Apr 2021

Porter's Five Forces - Zoom

Case study - 5 pages - ICT marketing

Zoom is a mobile application that saw the light of day in 2011. It is a messaging and videoconferencing application, available on all devices, regardless of the operating system or format (smartphone, tablet, computer). Accessible anywhere in the world, it is mainly used by professionals in the...

27 Jul 2022

The MoMA of New York and the French visitors

Case study - 2 pages - Tourism marketing

At the end of 2019, MoMA received about 3 million visitors each year, half of whom came from outside the United States . Even if it is difficult to obtain figures on the number of French visitors today, there is no doubt that their appetite for art makes them prime targets for visiting MoMA in...

05 Apr 2022

Our minds can be hijacked: the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia - Paul Lewis (Guardian October 2017)

Law article commentary - 2 pages - Computer science

These developers that created the current internet social environment and that have started to disconnect themselves from this environment. The article that appeared in "The Guardian", issue of October 2017, titled as "Our minds can be hijacked: the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia",...

30 May 2009

A history of the Black Death and its impact in late medieval Europe

Thesis - 9 pages - Medieval history

The Black Death was one of the deadliest pandemics in human history, peaking in Europe between 1347 C.E. and 1351 C.E, reducing the population of Europe by nearly half, and resulting in widespread socio-economic and other changes. Medieval people referred to this catastrophe as the "Great...

23 Aug 2022

Politics and crisis management

Essay - 6 pages - Social sciences

Crisis management has certainly become a critical feature of contemporary management and governance. During periods of crisis, members of organizations and communities expect leaders to work out strategies that minimize the impacts of crises at hand, while bureaucratic competitors and critics try...

15 Jan 2021

The Impact of COVID-19 on South African Financial Markets

Case study - 8 pages - Finance

A new type of corona virus first identified in December 2019 has swept across the globe infecting millions of people. The virus, scientifically known as COVID-19, has caused many governments to declare a national state of disaster and to implement nationwide lockdowns to prevent the spread of the...

02 Aug 2007

The Invasion of Bacillus

Essay - 2 pages - Biology

Beep… beep… click… click … this just in: A pandemic breakout of unheard of proportions. Is it anthrax? Or clostridia? It could be, but authorities believe the culprit is Bacillus cereus (49133). B. cereus is a cousin strain to both Bacillus anthracis (anthrax) and...