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02 Mar 2023

Short Report on a student's first month in Neoma Business School

Practical guide - 2 pages - Everyday's life

This short report will be a useful tool for those who want to discover and to fathom the harsh conditions and the sticky patches endured by a foreigner student, who had been bold enough to choose to have a new cultural experience far away from his family. The aim is to find out the facts...

10 Aug 2023

Supporting Newly Arrived Migrant Students in the Education Domain

Thesis - 6 pages - Educational studies

Newly arrived migrant students encounter unique obstacles in their lives, and the school setting may either foster positive or negative student experiences depending on the structure of the learning environment. European countries have adopted several measures and programs to...

15 May 2017

Towards effective management of pupils/students feeding in a boarding school: issues and strategies

Essay - 8 pages - Educational studies

One of the sensitive areas in a boarding school administration is the feeding of pupils/students. Although many advantages accrue to boarding over day school, some parents/guardians are still skeptical of enrolling their children in a boarding school because of the issue of inadequate and...

04 Jul 2017

Pedagogy with middle school students

Essay - 3 pages - Educational studies

Adolescences undergo a remarkable and rapid developmental change. Understanding and responding to the unique development characteristic is critical at the middle school level. The teacher education system should prepare all teachers for middle school students to face the challenges that...

17 Apr 2015

Unit and Standards That Students Are Expected To Meet In Education

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

It is simple for learners to get disappointed in a class of blended capability. Stronger students may feel kept down weaker people may feel compelled. The instructor may feel focused. The best answer for this is to have an open-class talk about the classroom circumstance - to guarantee the...

08 Oct 2015

The dark side of student debt

Essay - 2 pages - Economy general

Within the past decade, costs associated with college education surpassed inflation by six percentage points yearly. This brought private school education price to thirty seven dollars annually. This just one among reasons why students increased their borrowing. In addition, federal...

29 Sep 2015

Student attitude about learning Arabic and English at the same time

Essay - 5 pages - Educational studies

English has been one of the subjects that have been in use in many countries for many years. However, the use of Arabic has been in the Middle-Eastern and North-African countries where it does not have as many people as the English language (Starks & Paltridge, 1996). Typically,...

12 Feb 2015

Consumption of alcoholic beverages by students

Case study - 2 pages - Management

Consumption of alcoholic beverages by students in campuses in Colorado has been converted into the order of the day. This proposal purposes to find out the dangers and effects of alcohol consumption by students in the institutions of higher learning. Students are so much...

30 Mar 2015

Legal methodology for students

Case study - 15 pages - Civil law

The practical case is an exercise also called legal consultation, or legal composition. The object of the practical case is to bring the legal solution to facts given and to state the consequences. For that, we applied the mechanism of the legal syllogism. There is no question to state a...

13 Nov 2014

Advantages and disadvantages of using credit cards by college students

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

When credit cards were introduced to students, they were viewed as advantageous, but concerns arose about the risks that they presented this group. However, the final decision that came after deliberations of University administration officials, students and organizations offering...

27 Jul 2014

Barriers that Cause the Success of Ethnic Minority Students

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

Ethnic minorities are groups in an institution, state or country that have national and cultural traditions that differ from those of the major population. Ethnic minorities face physiological, emotional and social challenges while undergoing their studies or at the workplace all over the world....

03 Aug 2014

A research paper on the student's school loan

Case study - 4 pages - Psychology

Students school loans are increasingly a problem for both college students and those in higher education sectors. This is because of the increasing tuition fees, as well as, decreasing sources of scholarships and grants (Shohov, 2004). Data for the research papers was from an online...

05 Aug 2014

Factors that influence school Performance in Students

Case study - 7 pages - Educational studies

There are variety of factors that determine the excellence of children in school. Most of these factors are psychological factors, which motivate the children to learn well. The child's environment also plays an immense role in determining their prosperity in school. Children should also feed...

05 Sep 2014

Problems that students face at home that causes non-completion of college education

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

The paper is primarily going to examine the problems that students face at home, which hinders them from completing their college education. Challenges emanating from home can cause non-completion of college education by students. Non-completion of college education is a menace to...

05 Nov 2014

Practical ways teachers can promote student communication and teaching of the world language- Burke (2010)

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

In order to be effective in the teaching of the world language, language teachers need to find the most effective ways that will develop not only the learners interest in the language but also competence in the usage of the L2. This is because the ultimate goal of teaching a second language to...

21 Jun 2013

My student survival guide

Case study - 6 pages - Educational studies

Under the Library tab is a vast amount tools to help students with many different areas of their studies. I will talk about those I have used previously and intend to explore more within the future of my experience at Axia. I have used the University Library to do research and have...

21 Feb 2013

Approaches for managing indiscipline of pupils and students in primary and secondary schools' settings

Case study - 7 pages - Educational studies

Observation of the situation in the society these days would buttress the fact that it is characterized by several menaces such as: prostitution, armed robbery, bunkering, street violence/demonstration, thuggery, drug trafficking, kidnapping, raping; terrorism, swindling, just to mention few. It...

02 Aug 2013

Review the process for development of new products. Analyze why most new products fail. Respond to at least two of your fellow students' postings

Case study - 2 pages - Business strategy

Mullins and Walker (2010) state that greater attention must be given to new products and one of reasons why so many products fail is because not enough people want to buy them (p. 265). For this reason, there are systems in place to analyze ideas before proceeding to production. As stated in...

29 Oct 2013

An analysis of the effect of Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction: psychological recovery of an athlete student.

Case study - 10 pages - Educational studies

Involvement in sporting activities requires high level of individual commitments. Sport is therefore, also regarded as a culture of risk (Roderick, 1998). A lot of time and effort is dedicated to practicing and perfection of abilities. When performances are good, athletes are able to define...

24 May 2012

Research about China/US student exchange programs

Tutorials/exercises - 5 pages - Educational studies

Study in the US has been and still a major objective for Chinese students, as different surveys like the one recently carried out by Art & Science Groups have pointed out. The Art & Science Group is an organization dedicated to advising US academic institutions on their enrollment...

29 Sep 2010

Ways of Rendering Student Slang in Salinger Novel "The Catcher in the Rye"

Dissertation - 48 pages - Literature

Slang, as the most mentioned representative word form of the informal vocabulary, occupies a prominent role in contemporary society. It has become the second language of any democratic country. Everybody uses it even if one pretends that he has never used it. It is a veritable issue and it will...

15 Mar 2010

Meeting needs of the newly-defined at-risk student

Thesis - 2 pages - Educational studies

The Term “at-risk” is not new to the field of education. It has been used since the 1980's to identify those students who were candidates for dropping out of high school, thus condemning themselves and society to a large block of unproductive, unskilled adults who would have to...

25 Mar 2010

Monetary struggle of sending Canadian students to university

Thesis - 2 pages - Social sciences

For children of single-parent homes economic stress is likely a daily concern, one that does not dissipate with age. The average cost of full-time undergraduate tuition in Ontario is 4 558$ per year, on average. This does not include the cost of living, or dormitory expenses or materials for...

25 Mar 2010

A special education, learning to teach a disabled student

Book review - 2 pages - Literature

A Special Education: One Family's Journey Through the Maze of Learning Disabilities is the author, Dana Buchman's explanation about how her family coped with having a child who suffered from severe learning and developmental disorders. It is a tremendously interesting look at the topic because...

15 Sep 2010

A reflection on one student's preparation to transition from student nurse to graduate nurse

Thesis - 5 pages - Medical studies

This author's personal philosophy of nursing draws from a variety of sources to form a comprehensive whole. Feminist ethics, and the ethics of care which derives from it, encourages health care professionals to look at clients as whole people, who fit into a social framework, and who have...

25 Jan 2010

Students and project work: Problems and recommendations

Thesis - 10 pages - Educational studies

Project work, as defined in the website of the Ministry of Education of Singapore, is considered as one learning experience that can help to provide students with opportunity to apply general knowledge of various fields to real life situation. In such attempt, Hoa Sen University has made...

12 Jul 2010

Free education for students

Thesis - 3 pages - Journalism

An education is one of the most important things any person could ever receive. It is so important, that we make school mandatory for all children until they reach the age of 16. A college education is incredibly important to many people. To get any job these days, you must have at least a...

29 Jul 2010

Personal teaching philosophy as it relates to teaching special/exceptional needs students

Thesis - 3 pages - Educational studies

While expressing the importance of teaching and learning to my students, I will loosely group my students according to the information in their assessment plan. The next step would be to focus on their areas of weakness, in an environment using direct instruction. For my...

25 Jan 2010

How to motivate students' activeness in taking part in classroom activities

Thesis - 12 pages - Educational studies

Gone are the days the lecturers taught while students just listened comprehension and took notes. Nowadays, educational career has been innovated about the teaching and learning method. More and more students are self - motivated in their own studies, they advance their opinions...

10 May 2010

Application of data mining techniques in designing knowledge base on student competency at the post graduate level

Thesis - 7 pages - Educational studies

Maintenance of academic standards is the prime concern of any educational institution. Education at the Masters level, involves the conscious involvement of time, money and effort by the candidates. With the industrial downturn and reduction in the demand for graduates at the job market due to...