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06 Oct 2023

Globalization: Cultural Trends

Course material - 5 pages - World geography

We can talk about brand appropriation: people who can in a way take advantage of this appeal to their own profit without necessarily complain with all the legislation and therefore without cleaning what the brand's owners want to clean. For example, on the street, we can buy a shirt from any...

01 Aug 2022

The United States and the World: Bush's Second Term and Current Trends in the US Foreign Policy Establishment

Course material - 9 pages - Political life and election

After Bush's re-election in November 2004, there were some doubts about the kind of policy he would now follow, after the occupation of Iraq had revealed itself as a much more difficult undertaking than what the Administration had contemplated. Many felt at the time the President would vastly...

06 Oct 2020

Recruitment: methods, trends...

Dissertation - 10 pages - Human resources

Recruitment is one of the most essential components of human resource management in any company today. In France where the unemployment rate remains high, and with candidates who are being forced to combine several skills and sometimes even several jobs, it is interesting to explore the subject...

18 Aug 2014

Current trends in united parcel service (UPS) system

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

In a globe that is constantly shifting towards digitalization and automation of delivery of goods and services, the value of delivery services cannot be overstated. It represents the future of the retail industry. The current social, demographic, workforce and economic trends show that...

06 Sep 2013

Policing development and operation trends paper

Case study - 4 pages - Administrative law

The United States Government has developed what is referred to as the criminal justice system. This system is broken into multi-tier organizations and agencies; though while similar in terms of goals the systems are separate. There are three main systems within the tiered system: Local, State,...

06 Sep 2013

Criminal justice trends evaluation

Case study - 4 pages - Administrative law

E-scams, child pornography, identity theft, cyber stalking and bullying, spamming, Malware, fraud, and computer hacking are types of internet crimes. These crimes are certainly on the rise. The general public relies heavily on technology, resorting to pen and paper is just so primitive; all of...

27 Nov 2013

Clothing/ Fashion trends in the 2000s

Case study - 2 pages - Management

Fashion in clothing means the current or prevailing style acceptable to most people, and widely used. Fashions come and go, while others later undergo a redefining process after some time to change their outlook (Kim 15). The decision on what to put on, for most people, depends on the current...

10 May 2013

Business communications trends

Case study - 1 pages - Management

Any successful business will always be doing whatever it takes to have a leg up on the competition, and make sure that they stay successful. There are ten trends in business, government, and non-profit organizations that affect business and administrative communication. These...

18 Oct 2012

Trends in the luxury market in China

Case study - 17 pages - Business strategy

Mandeville describes luxury everything beyond the bare necessities. The luxury covers everything that is deemed superfluous and unnecessary. But the usual sense means the splendor and sophistication in the way of life (tableware, toilet elegant, sumptuous decor). We can acquire luxury by large...

26 Oct 2011

Audi: An analysis of the trends in the automobile market and revamp in the company policies to capture the UK markets

Market study - 10 pages - Business strategy

"The German car production firm produces the Audi brand of cars. Based in Ingolstadt, Germany, the company is one of the premier car manufacturing units in the world. Right from sports cars to luxury car models, the company has been making great strides globally. It has established its markets in...

15 Feb 2010

Childhood blood lead level trends

Thesis - 3 pages - Social, moral & civic education

This report discusses the childhood blood lead level trends from the year 2000 to 2008 of children under 6 years of age living in North Dorchester tested will be compared to the data from the children of the same age group with the National data and City of Boston Massachusetts. This is a...

13 Apr 2010

X-Server: New trends in databases for wired and wireless networks

Thesis - 3 pages - Computer science

Nowadays XML is being used as an underlying technology for most of the transactions on the internet. XML is widely used for Database Storage. Most of the leading product developed companies use XML as their Metadata framework. This work started with a goal to manage XML data and to provide...

29 Sep 2010

Analysis of the European automotive industry through the expansion of Japanese cars in order to emphasize the major automotive strategy trends of the future

Market study - 26 pages - Business strategy

Automotive industry has realized that UK is an important location. A number of companies have set up production bases in UK. The Asian, American and European constructors have proved that UK occupies an important place in the automotive industry. However, the Automotive Industry in Eastern...

28 Dec 2010

Trends and Innovations in Knowledge Management and CRM

Thesis - 4 pages - Management

Kalakota & Robinson (2001) state that ‘CRM is an integrated sale, trading, and service scheme that precludes lone showmanship and that counts on coordinated enterprise-wide actions.' Tiwana (2001) states that ‘CRM is a blend of enterprise methods and expertise that aims to realize a...

15 Jan 2009

Are regionalism and globalisation compatible or contradictory trends?

Essay - 5 pages - Economy general

Nowadays, it is paradoxical to see the development, in a global world, of several types of regions. This process began after the Second World War, with the development of the international trade flows between economies. The creation in 1957 of the European Economic Community, by the Treaty of...

29 Apr 2009

Architecture 2005 - Canadian and international trends in context

Thesis - 6 pages - Architecture

Architectural design philosophy has transformed from the high modernism of the early 20th century, from classic functional international style which dominated North American architectural practices up until the 1970s, to be replaced by the anti-modern or the post-modern. (Ghirardo, 1996) However,...

29 Apr 2009

Emerging trends in cash management

Case study - 35 pages - Finance

Whenever any long-term investment is considered the future cash flows from the project, the uncertainty of those cash flows, and the opportunity cost of the funds invested in the project are evaluated. Investments in current assets are also evaluated by all organizations in the same manner but...

29 Jul 2009

1992: A year of trends in Canadian architecture

Thesis - 4 pages - Architecture

“A national architecture implies the existence of common traditions unified by the sense of a common undertaking. In the Canadian case the traditions were immigrant as were the people, but the enterprise in its geographical setting is distinctive; it is in their interaction that a Canadian...

07 May 2009

Major trends in the domestic mid - sized car industry in India

Dissertation - 38 pages - Business strategy

The global automobile industry is undergoing dramatic change in recent times. There has been enormous consolidation, both amongst vehicle manufacturers and component vendors to achieve economies of scale product synergies and strong and presence. By contrast, there has been little or no...

16 Jan 2009

What are the most significant long-term external trends that will affect the role of the EU in 2020 to 2050?

Essay - 10 pages - European union

By 2025, Europe will represent only 6% of the world population, and its relative share of global wealth and trade will have shrunk. Contentious economic and welfare reforms as well as the integration of a growing migrant population will be among the key internal challenges for many EU Member...

17 Aug 2009

The changing trends of information technology and its compatibility with the economy

Thesis - 5 pages - Computer science

This case study looks at one of the most commonly discussed questions in the world of information technology and economics. Is the economy and Information Technology changing at the same pace and which one is influencing the other one to change? Another core aspect of this case study is looking...

29 Jun 2008

Trends in US voting behaviors throughout the course of the twentieth century

Essay - 8 pages - Political science

The United States of America was founded on the principle of democracy. The Founding Fathers believed that the power of the government was so great that it should be placed in the hands of the people. As such, the basic framework of democracy that was established by the Founding Fathers was on in...

23 Aug 2007

Developmental Trends in Children's Acquisition and Use of Display Rules

Essay - 5 pages - Psychology

Emotions are innate and adaptive processes that entail the appraisal of life situations for one's well being and a readiness to act to sustain the state of well being (e.g., Barrett & Campos, 1987; Lazarus, 1991). The occurrence of emotion, especially of a basic emotion, usually elicits...

02 Aug 2013

Samsung - A macro trend analysis

Case study - 2 pages - Business strategy

Technological development is one of the fastest paced global industries in the world today. Soon after a consumer has purchased the latest and greatest electronic device, within six months the device has already been replaced by something newer and better. Since its beginning in the 1970's,...

18 Jun 2009

Strategy trend analysis in Indian IT industry

Tutorials/exercises - 44 pages - Business strategy

India, the world's largest democracy with world's second highest population after China and 7th largest area is also one of the fastest growing economies in the world. India's richness and diversity of culture, geographic and climatic conditions, natural and mineral resources are...

28 Jul 2015

General trend in the way american movies portrayed american leadership in the last seven decades

Essay - 2 pages - Film studies

Leaders are generated in small numbers. Some are born to be leaders, while others work so hard that they eventually assume the role of leadership. Nevertheless, most leaders share similar characteristics. Over the last seven decades, several films have revealed the identity of leaders in America....

13 May 2009

Cause marketing: trend or basic notion of marketing? - published: 13/05/2009

Thesis - 10 pages - Services marketing

“1 liter bought, 10 liters extracted in Niger with UNICEF”; for four months we could see this inscription on the Volvic water bottles (to February 15th until June 15th 2007). In the last few years we can see this type of shares progressively growing. In the aim to understand this...

14 May 2009

Cause marketing: Trend or basic notion of marketing?

Thesis - 9 pages - Services marketing

“1 liter bought, 10 liters extracted in Niger with UNICEF”; for four months we could see this inscription on the Volvic water bottles (to February 15th until June 15th 2007). Since few years we can see this type of shares progressively growing. In the aim to understand this phenomenon,...

04 Sep 2009

The trend and growth of video games

Thesis - 10 pages - Social, moral & civic education

The interactive world of video games is growing. The effects of this trend are stretching farther than ever as today's children spend an increasing amount of time immersed in the fantasy world that the game console offers. While many children see little to nothing wrong with this fact,...

06 Dec 2013

Corrections Trend

Case study - 3 pages - Criminal law

With the rise in the inmate population over the past decade brought changes with the types of punishment and has caused an increase in the demand of community-based sanctions. To help with prison overcrowding community-based programs were put in place. Deterioration continues to chastise the...