Benefits of being a tutor-writer

Receive alerts when new topics are available, work when and wherever you want, select the topics you are interested in, the remuneration is guaranteed on the document's delivery! Basically, it's the perfect part time job.

Select your topics
Work from anywhere
Guaranteed remuneration
Work whenever you want
Become a tutor-writer and make money for writing or correcting documents!

Writing - Management by innovation: find a concrete problematic with theoretical references.

40 pages Management & organization
492,10 €

Correction - International commerce Thesis: spelling, formatting, comments about plan and content

20 pages Strategy
113,35 €

Writing - Case note CSARS v Cape Consumers (Pty) Ltd (1999 (4) SA 1213) (61 SATC 91)

4 pages Family law
63,41 €

Writing - Plan and problematic for a Master Thesis - Evolution and representations on students with learning difficulties, troubles or disabilities.

2 pages Educational science
23,45 €

Writing - How to organize teleworking and preserve both group interests and concerned staff's rights?

20 pages Human resources management
310,69 €

Correction - Spelling and improvements idea for my case note (law student)

5 pages Administrative law
35,85 €
Best writers ranking

These are the best paid tutor-writers, sorted according to revenue earned in the last month.

StĂ©phanie royalties : € 839,7
Adrien HervĂ© royalties : € 492,25
tsoavina royalties : € 349,08
Damien royalties : € 331,76
Alison royalties : € 304,09
maylis royalties : € 272,77
Heredia royalties : € 199,76
Hanitra royalties : € 174,76
Angela royalties : € 173,21
Pierre royalties : € 170,71

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