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A - General Conditions of Use of the Sites (GCU)

B - General Terms and Conditions of Services (GCS)

C - Conditions of Transfer of Rights on the Documents

D- Conditions for Ordering and Writing Specific Documents

E - Privacy Policy

A - General Conditions of Use of the Sites


Use of the online sites and services published by OBOULO International Limited (the "Company") is subject to acceptance by the user ("the User"), the writer of a working document ("the Contributor") or the Client of a specific document ("the Client") of the general terms and conditions ("GCU") set out below, which can be accessed at https://www.oboolo.com/terms-conditions.

These GCU are applicable to the following sites (the "Site(s)"):

OBOULO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is headquartered at Room 2103, Futura Plaza, 111 How Ming Street Kwun Tong, Hong Kong - China.

The Company can be reached at the following email address: serviceclients@oboulo.com

The host of the Sites is the company MICROHOST.PL whose registered office is located at Szkolna 28, Smieszkowo, 64-700 Czarnkow, Poland.

1. Operation of the Sites and availability of the Services


Users create their account by entering their email address and password, or via their "Facebook Connect" or "Google" account, which allows the Company to collect their name, email address and profile picture.

The account created by the User on a Site gives access to all Sites, subject to these GCU.

On the other hand, the Package subscribed on a Site is valid only on that Site.

The User is responsible for the security of his login and password. The elements relating to the use of the account are kept by the Company under the conditions defined by the privacy policy available in Section E. In the absence of proof to the contrary, the data recorded in the Company's computer system constitutes proof of all the actions and transactions carried out by the User.

The User declares to have the legal capacity to accept the present GCU and to be at least 15 years old at the time of the creation of his account.

The Company reserves the right to modify these GCU at any time. The Company undertakes to publish a warning to this effect on the Sites for a period of one month. The previously registered User may refuse the application of the modified provisions within this period.


The purpose of the Sites is to make available to Users a database of documents (the "Documents"), under the conditions defined below, according to the rates of the Sites and the General Terms and Conditions of Services available in Section B.

The following Services are available depending on the chosen Sites:

Service /Site Pimido Etudes et Analyses Doc du juriste Rapport de stage MyStudies Oboolo
Paid Consultation / Paid Downloading of Documents (PLANS) X X X X X X
Possibility to send documents for publication against remuneration X X X
Paid Verification of Plagiarism (PLANS) X X
Paid Verification of Extended Plagiarism X X
Paid Order of Documents on Demand X X X X X X
Paid Writing of Documents on Demand X X X
Sponsoring X X X

2. Liability and sanctions

In case of difficulty, the Company can be contacted at the following address: serviceclients@oboulo.com

The Company makes the Contributors' Documents available on its Site, subject to an automatic anti-plagiarism check. The Company therefore excludes any guarantee as to the completeness and accuracy of the information, the quality of the Documents, as well as their availability over time on the Site.

The Company does not verify the truthfulness of the information communicated by the Contributors concerning their diplomas, titles and professional experience.

The Company reserves the right to delete any Document from its database without notice or compensation. In particular, the Company undertakes to immediately delete any Document that is the subject of a report that infringes the rights of Third Parties, or that does not comply with the applicable regulations or these Terms and Conditions of Use. The company may also, if necessary, suspend or close an account. In case of deletion of the account as a penalty, the User is prohibited from creating another account on the Sites - any new account created may be deleted.

The Company may also remove Materials of poor or non-existent quality from the Sites at the Company's discretion, but this does not create an obligation on the part of the Company to remove or evaluate the Materials.

The Company cannot be held liable in the following cases, and this in a non-limitative way:

  • Publication of a Document sent by a User in violation of the intellectual property rights or personality rights of a Third Party.
  • Unauthorized exploitation by a User of a Document downloaded from the Sites.
  • Temporary interruption of the operation of the Sites.
  • Uploading a Document that damages the User's computer equipment or results in loss of data.

3. Intellectual property rights and content display rules

The content of the Site is protected by national and international copyright laws and regulations.

All intellectual property rights relating to the Sites (in particular the rights to the texts, images, formatting, graphics, structure, sui generis database, sound elements) belong to the Company and/or its assignees.

Excavation of the texts and data available on the Sites, for the purposes of scientific research, as provided for in Directive 2019/790 on copyright is expressly prohibited.

The contents are classified by category or theme. The order of appearance of the Contents within these categories is carried out chronologically, according to their date of publication online. In the context of a keyword search, the order of appearance of the Contents is by relevance. Relevance is determined by internal algorithms that may be subject to change.

4. Miscellaneous

The cancellation of one of the provisions of these T&Cs does not entail the nullity of the T&Cs as a whole.

Failure to implement the sanctions or obligations provided for in these GTCs does not constitute a waiver of the right to demand their application at a later date.

B - General Terms and Conditions of Services

1. Object and content of the contract

These Conditions of Use determine the conditions for consulting and/or downloading the documents offered online on the Site in question, and/or for using the anti-plagiarism tool (the "Service(s)"). The User subscribes for a flat fee, according to the rates in force on the Site in question, which can be found at the following address: https://www.oboolo.com/subscription.

The User declares that he or she has parental authorization if he or she is a minor to subscribe to the Service(s).

The paid services of the Sites are accessible after creation of a User account subject to the General Terms and Conditions (GCU). The contract is formed by (i) the validation of the order summary form and (ii) the validation of the payment information by the banking establishment.

The Company will send confirmation of subscription to the chosen Service to the e-mail address provided when creating the User account. The User also benefits from an internal email on the Site, after connection to his account.

2. Duration

The Document consultation and/or downloading packages are concluded for the duration of 1 (one) month, 1 (one) semester or 1 (one) year, depending on the selected option, renewable by tacit agreement, unless terminated by one of the parties, either directly within the user account, or by e-mail sent to the Company, or from the messaging system on the Site, subject to compliance with a notice period of five clear days (5 days) before the contract renewal date. As this contract is renewable monthly by tacit agreement, no e-mail and/or information prior to renewal will be sent by the Company.

The Package takes effect immediately upon receipt of payment by the Company, subject to the technical activation period of the package. Upon termination of the subscription, unused Services are lost and cannot be carried over to a subsequent subscription.

By exception, the service allowing the use of the automatic anti-plagiarism software alone (without consultation and/or downloading of Documents, within a package) allows the use of the word credit in question, at the latest within 2 (two) years of its subscription. This Service is not subject to automatic renewal at the end of the term.

3. Right of withdrawal

Given the nature of the service offered by the Company, the User has a right of withdrawal which he can exercise without giving any reason. The right of retraction cannot be exercised when the User consults or downloads a Document, or uses the anti-plagiarism tool, when the execution of this (these) Service(s) has begun after prior express agreement of the consumer and express renunciation of his right of retraction.

In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the User must notify the Company of its decision to withdraw from the package contract by means of an unambiguous statement, a model withdrawal form for such can be found in Appendix A of this contract.

In order for the withdrawal period to be respected, it is sufficient that the User submits his communication relating to the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the expiry of the withdrawal period.

In the event of exercise of the right to withdraw from the package agreement, the Company will reimburse the amount of the package, in any event, no later than fourteen days from the day on which the Company is informed of the notice of withdrawal. The Company will make the refund using the payment method used for the initial transaction.

4. Terms and conditions of execution of the contract


The documents will be accessible in the formats (Word, PowerPoint, etc.) in which they have been uploaded to the Service by the Contributors.

Users acknowledge that by consulting or downloading the Documents offered by the Site, they acquire only a limited and temporary right of personal use.

Thus, in particular, they are prohibited from reproducing, publishing, putting into circulation, storing, distributing, duplicating or reselling the Documents and information obtained on the Site, in any territory whatsoever. Users undertake to compensate the Company for any damage suffered as a result of wrongful use of the Sites and/or Documents.

By purchasing the package, the Customer obtains the ability to consult the Documents available on the Site on which the package was subscribed, and to download from his personal account, the number of Documents included in the package. If the Customer has not downloaded the Documents that he was able to consult or download during the term of the contract, the number of Documents not downloaded is lost and will not be carried forward to the next term, even in case of tacit renewal of the Package. The right of use conferred by the payment of the Package does not give its author any intellectual property rights on the Documents.

Certain Contents are likely to cease being accessible at the time of the renewal of the fixed price, without the Customer being able to draw from it reason to cancel his renewed fixed price, except in the case of retractation exerted within the required times and conditions.


The User also acquires the right to temporarily use the anti-plagiarism software, according to the conditions and word count limits appearing (i) in one of the available Packages, or (ii) in the subscription of the specific offer giving only access to this anti-plagiarism tool.

The Company makes this anti-plagiarism verification tool available to Users for a fee, accessible after logging into their User account.

The anti-plagiarism software is intended, as an obligation of means, to identify that the terms used in the document submitted by the User are not already available In other online documents, visible and indexed on certain search engines, nor present in all the Documents available on the Company's Sites, at the time the anti-plagiarism software is used by the User.

The Company does not warrant that the Anti-Plagiarism Tool detects all similarities, nor does it warrant that the similarities discovered by the Anti-Plagiarism Tool constitute plagiarism under applicable law.

The User acknowledges and accepts that he or she may not rely on or take advantage of the use of the Company's anti-plagiarism tool, in particular to guarantee a third party that the document submitted to this anti-plagiarism tool is not counterfeit.

5. Limitation of warranty

The User acknowledges and accepts that he or she was able to freely consult the preview or excerpts of the document before downloading it, and is therefore in a position to assess its usefulness and relevance.

The legal warranties that may apply, within the limits of the express provisions of the presentation of the subject matter of this contract, are set out in Appendix B hereto.

The Company will make its best efforts to allow permanent availability of the servers and thus access to the Sites, except in cases of force majeure. Except in cases of force majeure, and in the event of unavailability of the Internet server and thus access to the Sites for more than three breakdowns per month lasting more than two hours on average over 3 (three) consecutive months or in the event of a breakdown lasting more than 3 (three) days, the Company may be required to reimburse the User for the sums already paid under the package prorata temporis for the period of the package not consumed due to the breakdown.

Cases of force majeure will suspend the obligations of this contract. If the cases of force majeure have a duration of more than 1 (one) month, the present contract will be automatically terminated.

In the event of a change in circumstances unforeseeable at the time of the conclusion of the contract, the party who has not agreed to assume an excessively onerous performance risk may request a renegotiation of the contract. However, if the change of circumstances unforeseeable at the time of the conclusion of the contract was definitive or lasts longer than 1 (one) month, the Company may notify the termination of the contract by giving 7 (seven)days' notice by e-mail to the Client's e-mail address.

6. Responsibility

All information and documents contained on the Sites are the exclusive property of the Company and/or the Contributors.

In case of non-compliance with these conditions, the User exposes himself/herself to the closure of his/her account, to the loss of the right to download the Documents under his/her package.

The Company's liability in respect of its activity excludes indirect damage, loss of earnings or loss of opportunity, damage to the image or reputation of the User, and/or any costs relating to the search for and payment of substitute services.

If the Company's liability were to be recognized with respect to the User, it could not exceed the amount actually paid by the User for the duration of the package during which the event giving rise to liability occurred.

7. Financial conditions

The price of the Service is a fixed price, according to the current rates, depending on the number of documents that the Customer wishes to consult or download. The User may also subscribe to the Service for the use of the anti-plagiarism tool, alone, not tacitly renewable. The User may choose different means of payment: credit card or payment via his PayPal account. If the payment were to be revoked for any reason whatsoever, the package would be immediately cancelled.

By authorizing payment by direct debit of the initial lump sum, the customer also authorizes subsequent debits in the event of tacit renewal of the contract. In the event of termination of the automatic renewal of the contract within the required period, the direct debit is immediately cancelled.

The price of the packages may change when the User subscribes to a new package.

In case of automatic renewal, the price can be revised each year on the first of January, and will apply to the date of automatic renewal of the package after the first of January.

In the event of a rate increase of more than 10 percent, the Company will notify the client at least 20 (twenty) days prior to the rate change, to allow the client time to terminate the contract within the time period specified in the contract, i.e., 5 (five) clear days prior to its automatic renewal.

It is expressly agreed that failure to pay on the due date will automatically and without prior notice of default result in the termination of this contract.

8. Miscellaneous provisions

Partial invalidity: If any of the provisions of the package contract were to be declared null or void with regard to a legislative or regulatory provision in force, and/or a court decision having the force of res judicata, it would be deemed to be unwritten and would not result in the invalidity of the other provisions.

Non-Waiver: Failure to enforce any provision of this Agreement at any time shall not constitute a waiver of the Company's right to act.

Non-transferability: Under penalty of immediate termination, the Customer may not transfer the rights and obligations of this contract to a third party.

Incorrect usage of the service: the subscription with intent of generating non-legitimate consultations will lead to the cancellation of all related bonus or consultation points. A consultation is considered as legitimate when the Client has no way to know or obtain the Document outside of the Site.

Appendix A - Exercise of right of withdrawal

To the attention of the company Oboulo International: serviceclients@oboulo.com

I exercise my right of withdrawal for the order of services that can be identified using the information given below:

  • Name, address and email address of the user
  • Date of the order
  • Order number.

The letter must include the user's handwritten signature.

Appendix B - Legal guarantees

The seller is bound by the guarantee on account of hidden defects of the thing sold which render it unfit for the use for which it is intended, or which so diminish this use that the buyer would not have acquired it, or would only have paid a lower price for it, if he had known about them.

The action resulting from redhibitory defects must be brought by the purchaser within two years from the discovery of the defect.

The seller shall deliver goods in conformity with the contract and shall be liable for any lack of conformity existing at the time of delivery.

He shall also be liable for defects of conformity resulting from packaging, assembly instructions or installation when the latter has been charged to him by the contract or has been carried out under his responsibility.

The property is in conformity with the contract:

  • 1 - If it is fit for the use ordinarily expected of a similar property and, if so:
    • if it corresponds to the description given by the seller and has the qualities that the seller has presented to the buyer in the form of a sample or model;
    • if it has the qualities that a buyer can legitimately expect with regard to public statements made by the seller, by the producer or by his representative, in particular in advertising or labelling.
  • 2 - If it presents the characteristics defined by mutual agreement between the parties or is suitable for any special use sought by the buyer, brought to the knowledge of the seller and accepted by the latter.

The action resulting from the lack of conformity is time-barred after two years from the delivery of the goods.

C - Conditions of Transfer of Rights on the Documents

The User, having previously accepted the GCU, and wishing to post a Document online ("the Contributor"), hereby authorizes (i) the posting of his Document on one of the Sites, (ii) the consultation of extracts of the Document by Users free of charge, (iii) the consultation of the entire Document in exchange for a fee paid to the Company, and/or (iv) the downloading by other Users, for their personal use, of Document(s), in accordance with the terms and conditions defined in the General Terms and Conditions of Services by the Company, which refer to the various applicable Packages that the Contributor declares to be aware of and which are available at the addresses appearing in the Terms and Conditions.

The Contributor chooses a method of remuneration for each of the documents he wishes to put online, and accepts the present terms and conditions of transfer, the transfer contract thus formed being summarized to him by e-mail.

The Contributor shall be notified on the email address of his or her User account, as well as on the email address he or she has declared, of the posting of his or her Document on the appropriate Site, at the Company's discretion, after acceptance of this transfer of rights.

Articles 1 to 8 of these Terms are also applicable to the Tutor-writer, with the exception of Article 4 below.

1. Object

The Contributor assigns to the Company, which accepts for itself and its assignees, the exploitation rights hereinafter defined, relating to the Document(s) of which he or she guarantees to be the Contributor, the title of which is defined by the Contributor and appears in the summary e-mail sent by the Company.

The present transfer includes, therefore, the right for the Company to directly exploit the Document and/or to transfer the following rights:

  • The right to reproduce, digitize, make any copy of all or part of the Document on any digital media, on the memories of any device for storing digitized data, such as servers, computer hard drives, tablet PCs, cell phones, PDAs, televisions, or any other current and future recording media and via the Internet and mobile networks, or by any other analogous process known or to come
  • The right to translate the Document into any language
  • The right to communicate and make available to the public all or part of the Document or its adaptations, in any language and in any country, by any current or future process of diffusion of words, sounds and images, via digital, electronic networks, in particular on Internet and mobile networks, or by any other analogous or future process.

The main purpose of this assignment is to allow unlimited temporary consultation and/or downloading of the Document, for the legal duration of the copyright, by Users from one of the Sites, depending on the Company's assessment of the quality and purpose of the Document, for personal use, subject to payment of the Flat Fee.

The Document is in any case only available on one Site at a time. It is expressly understood that the Company's Websites may evolve, in particular with a view to optimizing their referencing, and may be subject to changes in their name, structure and/or content, in order to improve their operation.

2. Duration of the transfer and renewal

This transfer is made to take effect in all places, for all countries and languages, and for a period of fifteen (15) consecutive years from the date of the sending of the Document by the Contributor, subject to the validation of the Document by the Company.

Unless the parties expressly state otherwise, in particular by e-mail or via the messaging system of the Contributor's account, this Agreement shall be tacitly renewed upon expiration of the initial fifteen (15) year period. This tacit renewal will then be done by periods of fifteen (15) years.

The Parties acknowledge and accept that the use of the Documents already downloaded by the Users continues for the legal duration of the copyrights, beyond the termination of this assignment contract.

3. Exclusivity

The Contributor undertakes not to enter into similar agreements with other companies engaged in an activity identical or similar to that of the Company, namely the publication of working documents on the Internet.

However, the Contributor undertakes not to publish its Document without first informing the Company by email or via the Contributor's messaging system, in order to obtain the Company's opinion.

The company will have a period of 15 (fifteen) working days from receipt of such notification to formulate its observations. In the absence of a response within this period, the company shall be deemed to have received the Contributor's request.

4. Remuneration of the Contributor

The parties agree that the Contributor, in consideration of the use of the Document on the Site, shall receive for the documents named and uploaded on the Site by the Contributor, the compensation it chooses among the compensation options offered to the Contributors, available at: https://www.oboolo.com/senddoc.

The remuneration chosen by the Contributor will appear in the summary e-mail indicating the name of the Documents transmitted, as well as these Terms and Conditions of Assignment, the whole forming the assignment contract, subject to the validation of the Document by the Company.

The Contributor's account will also include a summary of the Documents posted online, the Site on which each Document is available, as well as the remuneration option chosen by the Contributor.

At this stage, the compensation option chosen by the Contributor can no longer be modified.

It is agreed that the Contributors of the Site in question shall share together, in the event of consultation or downloading of their Document in the month in question, the agreed percentage of the total amount, excluding taxes and transaction fees, of the monthly subscriptions received by the Company in respect of the Site on which the Document is posted online.

The public price of the packages is set by the Company, (simple consultation or downloading of a limited number of Documents), which the Contributor declares to be aware of and to accept. The Company undertakes to inform the Contributor in advance in the event of a change in the price of the Packages.

In addition, the Contributor acknowledges and accepts that his Document may be downloaded by a User, in exchange for a voucher, granted free of charge because of the online posting of a Document by the said User. In this case, no flat fee is subscribed, and the download/consultation does not enter into the revenue base on which the Contributor's remuneration is based.

In order to determine the amount due to each Contributor:

  • Each consultation of the Document published on the Site will result in the granting of one (1) CONSULTATION POINT.
  • Each download of the Document published on the Site will give rise to the granting of five (5) CONSULTATION POINTS.

The individual remuneration of each Contributor to the Site will result from the total number of points awarded each month by the Contributor, in relation to the total number of points earned by all Contributors.

The terms of payment of the proportionate remuneration are as follows: the remuneration will be credited by the Company on the Contributor's statement on the interface after his Document has been consulted or downloaded, and at the latest at the end of the following month. This interface shall include a statement detailing and breaking down the revenues used as a basis for calculating the compensation due to the Contributor.

This Agreement is accepted by the Contributor after having chosen the compensation option among the available options. This Agreement shall only come into force after the Company's agreement, sent by e-mail to the Contributor and on the e-mail address of his or her account. In the event of refusal, an e-mail will be sent to the Contributor informing him/her of the rejection of the Document.

Depending on the remuneration option chosen by the Contributor, the first consultation or first download of the Document may give rise to the payment of a lump sum, referred to as a "premium".

In this case, this exceptional bonus will be credited in the interface to the Contributor's account within 30 days following the downloading or consultation of the Document.

These bonuses and/or proportional compensation will apply only to the amount actually received by the Company. The retroactive cancellation of a subscribed Package will (i) reduce the turnover and (ii) will not give rise to any right to remuneration for the document that may have been consulted/downloaded in connection with the cancelled subscription, which the Contributor expressly accepts.

The Contributor may withdraw the amounts due to him/her at his/her convenience, once his/her outstanding balance on the User Account has reached the minimum withdrawal threshold of twenty (20) euros, by clicking on the "withdraw my balance" button on the interface. The amount will then be paid by transfer to the bank account of the Contributor having provided his IBAN and BIC numbers, or to his PayPal account. For "non-SEPA" countries, the transfer must be made to the Contributor's PayPal account.

Furthermore, before sending a payment, due to the risk of fraud, the Company reserves the right to request the Contributor to provide proof of address that is less than 3 (three) months old. If such proof is not produced, no payment will be sent to the Contributor.

5. Scope of transfer

The Company will use its best efforts, to the best of its ability and in the mutual interest of the parties, to exploit the Documents or cause them to be exploited.

It is agreed that the failure to use one or more of the rights assigned may in no case be a cause for termination of this agreement, said rights being irrevocably assigned to the Company in consideration not only for the compensation provided, but also for the commitment made by the Company to reproduce the Document on one of its Sites. Should this agreement be terminated for any reason whatsoever, such termination shall not affect the validity of any assignments or authorizations for use previously granted by the Company to third parties.

6. Warranties given by the Contributor

The Contributor warrants to the Company that it is the Author of the Document, as well as the peaceful exercise of the rights assigned under this Agreement. The Contributor is informed that the Company systematically carries out checks using anti-plagiarism software before publication on its Sites.

In the event of a dispute concerning the rights to the Document issued by a third party, the Contributor undertakes to provide the Company, at its first request, with all its assistance in order to demonstrate the validity of its rights to the Document.

The Contributor guarantees that his Document does not infringe the rights of third parties, nor contravene applicable laws, in particular those relating to defamation and insult, business secrecy, privacy and image rights. In particular, it guarantees that its Document does not include any loan - even partial - from a pre-existing work. He expressly declares that the Document does not fall within the scope of a preferential right.

The contributor also guarantees that no excerpt from his Document comes from a writing tool assisted by Artificial Intelligence.

In the event of a transfer of a Document that could be qualified as a collaborative work, the Contributor warrants to the Company that it has first obtained the express agreement of the other co-authors for the use of this Document on the Company's Websites.

In the event of the transfer of a Document entitled "Internship Report", the Contributor guarantees to the Company that it has obtained the agreement of the Internship Supervisor and the agreement of the company within which the internship was carried out beforehand. He also guarantees the absence of confidential data in the internship report.

In the event of the transfer of a Document elaborated within the framework of a professional mission within a company, the Contributor guarantees to the Company that he has obtained the agreement of the company within which the mission was done beforehand. It also guarantees the absence of confidential data in the Document

7. Prerogatives of the Company

The following decisions will be made by the Company alone, taking into account the common interest of the parties, and the Contributor expressly declares that he is familiar with the usual forms of distribution on the Company's Sites. The Contributor agrees that his or her surname, first name or pseudonym, as well as his or her level of education, may appear in the margins of the Document posted online. Nevertheless, in accordance with Internet usage, the distribution of content is not accompanied by the Contributor's full name.

In the event that the Contributor makes changes to the texts already distributed, the Company may not object to such changes, but the distribution of the new version accepted by the Company shall be governed by these terms and conditions. In the event the Contributor exercises its right of withdrawal, the Contributor shall compensate the Company for the prejudice caused by the exercise of its right of repentance.

8. Resolutory Clause

In the absence of execution of any of the stipulations of the present agreement, and fifteen (15) days after the sending of a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt that has remained without effect, the present agreement will be automatically terminated for the future without the need for any legal formality whatsoever, without prejudice to any damages.

D - Conditions for Ordering and Writing Specific Documents

The OBOULO company proposes to put in relation Tutor-Writers and Users, in a pedagogical approach. The objective is to assist the Users (the "Clients(s)") in (i) the writing, (ii) the structuring (creation of a plan) and/or (iii) the commented correction of their own documents, the whole being defined as (the "topic(s)") or "Specific Documents").

This Service requires the Tutor-writer and the Client to create a User account, and to accept the GCU prior to placing an order.

1. Modalities of conclusion and realization of the order of specific Documents

The Client shall provide information on the Site regarding its request for writing assistance, according to the specifications of its Document on Demand, including (i) title, (ii) description, (iii) format, (iv) if applicable, the document produced by the Client, (v) type, (vi) academic level, (vii) category, (viii) deadline, (ix) number of pages or slides, (x) the service ordered (writing/commented correction/creation of a plan). The Client must immediately pay the agreed amount. If the information given by the client are not in line with the requested work and the price paid doesn't correspond to what is actually required (delivery date, type of work, number of pages...) the company will reject the order. A 10 euros management fees will be retained. Bank fees will not be reimbursed.

Once these elements have been verified by the Company, the Topic is put online for the Tutor-writers.

In order to be able to deal with the Topics, the Tutor-writer fills in a complete profile, indicating his contact details, the subjects in which he is competent and at what academic level, a description, and includes his CV. The Tutor-writer guarantees the veracity of this information. Failing this, the Company reserves the right to close the account.

The "Tutor's Choice" option is a paid option, at the rate in effect on the Platform at the time of the Order. The "Choose your tutor" option allows the Client to have access to the profiles of the tutor(s) who are candidates for their order. MyStudies cannot guarantee the number of candidate tutors in advance. The Client cannot request a refund of the order from the moment one or more tutors apply. In the event of selecting the "Choose your tutor" option, if the Client has not selected a tutor among the candidates within a period equivalent to one fifth of the expected delivery time, or within a maximum of 4 days for any order with a delivery time greater than 20 days, the site may choose a tutor in his place without the Client being able to modify this choice or oppose it.

This service for ordering specific documents is not intended to replace the work of students or to issue final documents to public or private schools or institutions of higher or professional education.

When the Tutor-writer agrees on the Site to assist the Client in processing the Topic, the Tutor-writer "locks" the Topic: the Topic Order contract is firm and final. The Tutor-writer must have filled in the necessary training on his/her profile to lock a Topic. Otherwise, the Topic may be locked by another Tutor-writer.

The Tutor-writer undertakes to deal with the Topic that he or she has expressly locked within the time limits set by the Client. The Company reserves the right to indicate imperative intermediate deadlines and the Tutor-writer undertakes to submit Versions of the Document within these same deadlines, which will be detailed in the reminder emails and on the email of his User account.

The Tutor-writer expressly accepts that the price he will receive is a function of the commission scale appearing in article 2, according to the evaluation of the conformity to the planned specifications and the quality of the specific Document.

The Client is notified by email and in his personal space when his Subject has been locked by a Tutor-writer. An interface on the Site allows the Sponsor to exchange live with the Tutor-writer who has taken charge of his Topic. The Client undertakes to respond diligently (within a few hours) to the requests of the Tutor-writer, so that the Tutor-writer can provide the necessary educational assistance.

The specific Document written, clarified or improved by the Tutor-writer is submitted to the Client on the Site interface, after verification of plagiarism by automatic software.

In case of non-compliance with the specifications, no remuneration will be paid.

In the absence of a response from the Client to the questions of the tutor-writer within a reasonable period of a few hours, the Client waives the right to a full refund in the event of non-delivery of the Document by the due date, or in the event of failure to comply with the specifications if the specifications require further clarification that has not been provided. Failure to comply with the Document delivery deadline may result in the order being cancelled by simple notification in the Tutor-writer's mailbox. Likewise, failure to respond promptly to questions from the Client, or from the Company's customer service department, alerted by the Client, may result in the order being cancelled by simple notification in the Tutor-writer's mailbox.

The Parties expressly agree not to communicate outside the interface of the Site, in order to keep track of the exchanges and the proper performance of the reciprocal obligations arising from the Order. The Parties therefore refrain in particular from exchanging telephone numbers and/or email addresses. If doing so, the client's account will be closed and no reimbursement proposed.

The Client must evaluate the Submission before downloading it. The remuneration of the tutor-writer and the right to use the Document granted to the Client depends on this evaluation. The Company also reserves the right to evaluate the specific Document, its spelling and grammatical correction, and to submit the Document to its anti-plagiarism software.

In the event that the Tutor-writer has delivered the Specific Document within the specified time period and if the Client does not assess its adequacy with the specifications within 7 (Seven) days from its delivery date, the Specific Document shall be deemed to be in compliance. Remuneration is then paid to the Tutor-writer.

In return for payment of the agreed price, the Client acquires the right to use the Specific Document on a strictly personal basis, for the legal duration of the copyright. The Client shall refrain from any sale, license, reproduction, or posting of the Specific Document to the public.

2. Rates applicable to the Client and the Tutor-writer, respectively

The price of the Topic to be paid by the Client is determined by (i) the academic level, (ii) the deadline and (iii) the number of pages or slides. The Client shall make payment by credit card or PayPal immediately upon ordering.

The Client undertakes to assess compliance with the specifications and the quality of the Document, in good faith and in detail, in order to trigger the payment of the Tutor-writer.

The assessment gives rise to the following remuneration:

  • 5 stars: 60% of the net amount of the Topic is paid to the Tutor-writer, after deduction of 40% Commission by the Company.
  • 4 stars: 57.5% of the net amount of the Topic is paid to the Tutor-writer, after deduction of 42.5% Commission by the Company.
  • 3 stars: 55% of the net amount of the Topic is paid to the Tutor-writer, after deduction of 45% Commission by the Company.
  • 2 stars: 52.5% of the net amount of the Topic is paid to the Tutor-writer, after deduction of 47.5% Commission by the Company.
  • 1 star: 50% of the net amount of the Topic is paid to the Tutor-writer, after deduction of 50% Commission by the Company.

The increase in the commission due to the Company results from the additional work resulting from the lower quality of the Specific Document delivered to the Client.

The total reimbursement of the Topic is only possible in the event of non-locking of the Topic by a Tutor-writer, in the event of non-issuance by the Tutor-writer or due to the rejection of the Document because of failure to comply fully with the specifications and/or because the quality of the Document is too poor.

In the event that the Client believes, upon review of the document, that the quality of the Specific Document is too poor for it to be used, the Client shall refrain from evaluating the content according to the grid (1 to 5 stars) and undertakes to contact the Company without delay, which, at its discretion, (i) will attempt to identify another Tutor-writer within the allotted time, or (ii) will proceed with the total or partial reimbursement of the Order.

3. Transfer of rights of the Specific Documents by the Tutor-writer for the benefit of the Company

The payment of the Tutor-writer of the amount agreed above entails the transfer of the economic rights according to the Conditions of Transfer of Rights, with the exception of the remuneration provided in article 4 of the Conditions of Transfer of Rights, being replaced and exclusively defined in article 2 above of the Conditions for Ordering and Writing Specific Documents.

The Tutor-writer guarantees the Company under the conditions set out in the same Conditions of Transfer of Rights on the Documents in article 6.

4. Guarantees

The Client acknowledges and agrees that it is at its sole discretion to contact the Tutor-writer, that the delivery, modification or clarification of a Specific Document is an obligation of care on the part of the Tutor-writer.

The Company only performs an automatic plagiarism check on the Documents submitted to the Client, verifying that the proposed content is not already available on other online Documents, visible and indexed on search engines at the time the Specific Document is consulted.

The Company does not verify the content of the Specific Document, which is solely subject to the evaluation of the Client.

5. Resolutory Clause

In the absence of execution of any one of the stipulations of the present agreement, and 15 (fifteen) days after the sending of a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt that has remained without effect, the present agreement may be terminated by operation of law without the need for any legal formality whatsoever, and subject to any damages and interest.

E - Privacy Policy

1. Identity of the data controller

The personal data related to your use of the Sites are collected by the Company whose contact details appear in the General Conditions of Use. The Company, whose head office is located in China, respects the protection of personal data, as defined in particular by the European regulation n 2016/679.

The personal data is exclusively hosted in Poland, within the European Union. In the absence of an effective transfer of the data outside the European Union, there is no risk identified by the Company, which would be related to the absence of a decision of adequacy or appropriate guarantees within the meaning of the above-mentioned European regulation.

2. Purposes of the treatment

The Company processes your personal data so that you can (i) create your User account in order to view excerpts of Documents of your choice, (ii) put online Documents written on the Sites as a Contributor, (iii) be remunerated according to the Conditions of transfer of Document rights, (iv) access the Document database available on each of the Sites according to the subscribed Package, (v) order specific Documents, (vi) produce specific Documents, (vii) benefit from an anti-plagiarism software, or (viii) be part of our sponsorship program.

3. Personal data collected

The personal data that may be collected on the Sites are as follows:

  • Account creation data: email address and password, last name, first name, email address, profile picture transmitted by Facebook or Google, IP address for account creation
  • Data relating to the provision of Documents: IP address of the online availability of the Document
  • Data relating to the Tutor-writer: surname, first name, date of birth, university course (major subject, level and place of study), profession, address, cell phone number, preferred subjects
  • Payment data (credit card or PayPal) relating to the Package chosen by the User and IP address used for payment.

4. Legal basis of the processing and purposes

The collection of this data is based:

  • on the consent of the user for the purposes of account creation, and for the purposes of sponsorship
  • on the performance of a contract, under the fixed price contract, the contract for the transfer of Documents, the contract for the order and production of specific documents, and the contract for the use of the anti-plagiarism software
  • on the legitimate interest of the Company to fight against fraud, to offer an after-sales service on its services, to carry out marketing operations on similar services offered by the Company, to inform users on the evolution of products and services, to improve products and services, to carry out statistics on the use and performance of the Sites and the services offered
  • on the company's legal obligations, in particular in the event of requests from the competent administrative and judicial authorities.

5. User's personal rights

In accordance with the law "informatique et libertés" of January 6, 1978 amended and the European Regulation n 2016/679 of April 27, 2016, you have, on all your data, the following rights:

  • The right to update your data
  • The right to delete your data
  • The right of access to your data
  • The right to object to the processing of your data
  • The right to request the portability of your data
  • The right to withdraw your consent to the use of contact information to send offers and promotions via email
  • The right to determine the fate of your personal data after your death, including the right to choose whether or not to disclose your data to a third party designated by you.

You have the ability to access and modify all your personal data in your User account.

You may, subject to the production of valid proof of identity, exercise your rights:

  • by contacting the Company's Privacy Officer at the following e-mail address: dpo@oboulo.com
  • by contacting the Company's representative: representant@oboulo.com

6. Complaint to the supervisory authority

You can also, in the event of a violation of your personal data, lodge a complaint with the competent data protection supervisory authority, depending on your place of residence.

7. Retention time

Your personal information registered in your User account will be kept for the life of your account, and for a period of three (3) years from the date of last connection, unless you exercise your right to delete the data. Your User Account may be used on all of the Company's Sites.

For the database of Contributors and Tutor-writers, the data are kept for the duration of the assignment of rights, i.e. 15 (fifteen) renewable years, and 10 (ten) years thereafter.

Under the fixed-price contract and the contract for the assignment of rights, bank data is kept for the duration of the execution of the contracts, subject to expiry of the bank data in the meantime.

The Company also keeps the data relating to the Package contract, the Order completion, and the financial transaction carried out on the Sites, for a period of ten (10) years from the date of expiry of the contract.

8. Data security

The Company implements all technical and organizational means to ensure the security and confidentiality of your personal data, so as to prevent any breach of their integrity, disclosure, or availability.

9. Recipients of the data


Access to the User's personal data is strictly limited to the Company's employees and agents, authorized by virtue of their functions and subject to compliance with the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data, namely (i) customer service, (ii) invoicing department and (iii) technical department, in the event that corrective or evolutionary maintenance requires access to personal data.


The data collected will be communicated to subcontractors contractually responsible for carrying out the tasks necessary for the proper functioning of the Sites and the services offered, and in particular:

  • The customer service provider
  • The hosting provider
  • The cloud service provider
  • The emailing service provider
  • The administrative provider
  • The content management provider
  • The technical service providers
  • Adyen payment solution, PCI DSS compliant
  • PayPal, payment solution
  • The CIC-CM, a French bank
  • Moneycorp, payment solution certified ISO 27001,
  • The user behavior analysis provider.

These subcontractors only have limited access to your data and have a contractual obligation to use them in accordance with the applicable provisions on the protection of personal data.

10. Cookies

Cookies or tracers designate files that may be deposited on your device (computer, mobile) and then read by the publisher of a website or its partners listed in article 11, on the occasion of a visit to a site using navigation software. The list of cookies that may be deposited is given in article 12.

You have the option to give or withdraw your consent at any time: Cookie settings

The purposes of the various cookies are also summarized below:

  • Cookies necessary for the technical functioning of the site: these are technical cookies for authentication, session identification, and / or shopping cart. If you delete these cookies, the site will not function properly. Your consent is not necessary to implement them, in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Analytics cookies: these are audience measurement cookies requiring your consent, in order to better understand your use of the site.
  • User journey personalization cookies: these are cookies requiring your consent, in order to provide you with personalized content, or personalized service offers from the Company.
  • Advertising cookies: these cookies require your consent, in order to create a user profile allowing the dissemination of advertisements corresponding to your areas of interest, on the Company's Sites. In this category are also classified cookies for measuring the performance of advertisements disseminated on behalf of the company on third party sites.
  • Social network cookies: these cookies require your consent, in order to allow content to be shared on the social networks you use, as well as to allow the distribution of personalized advertisements based in particular on your browsing on the Company's sites.
  • Finally, we insert pixels or "web beacons", very small images, in the electronic messages that we send to you in order to determine if you have opened them, and if so, if you have interacted with their content (click on a link for example).

11. Partners issuing cookies when browsing our site

The Company's partners who place cookies on your browser are:

Finally, you can also disable / delete cookies from the settings of each browser used:

  • For Internet ExplorerTM: https://support.microsoft.com/fr-fr/help/17442/windows-internet-explorer-delete-manage-cookies
  • For SafariTM: https://support.apple.com/fr-fr/guide/safari/sfri11471/mac
  • For ChromeTM: http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=fr&hlrm=en&answer=95647
  • For FirefoxTM: https://support.mozilla.org/fr/kb/desactiver-cookies-tiers
  • For OperaTM: https://help.opera.com/Windows/10.20/fr/cookies.html

12. List of cookies

Name of the cookie Use Lifespan
_ga Statistics (Google Analytics) 24 months
PHPSESSID Session A the end of each session
_TAG_ASSISTANT Session At the end of each session
_balance A/B testing 36 months
_from Internal stats 36 months
_referer Internal stats At the end of each session
_sourcepage Internal stats At the end of each session
_gid Statistics (Google Analytics) 24 hours
_ipcountry Internal stats 36 months
_hjIncludedInSample Statistics (Hotjar) At the end of each session
_cookieinfo Internal stats 6 months
_cookie_browsing Internal stats 6 moonths
_cookie_ads Internal stats 6 months
_cookie_basic Internal stats 6 months
_cookie_social Internal stats 6 months
_cookie_analytics Internal stats 6 months

This Privacy Policy may be updated by reference to its version number and date. Any update will be notified on the Site(s).

Version n°5, 9th of January 2024