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27 Nov 2022

The Tempest - William Shakespeare (1610) - How does Shakespeare use the supernatural to establish the status of characters in the Tempest?

Essay - 2 pages - Literature

The Tempest is a play written by William Shakespeare in which the author uses the supernatural throughout the play. For example, the storm that appears in the very first scene of the play is a manifestation of the supernatural. There are other supernatural things in the play, Shakespeare uses...

26 Nov 2022

Beowulf vs Gilgamesh

Essay - 4 pages - Literature

It is reasonable that not every quest concludes in the manner in which it was initially intended; it was the lesson that two mythical heroes, Gilgamesh and Beowulf, had to learn. One of the heroes went on a quest to find eternity while the other sought to find power and wealth, but both did not...

12 Nov 2022

The history of the English language

Speech - 1 pages - Linguistics

Today, the purpose of my conference is to present you the history of the English language and its evolution, and I will conclude with the impacts of this language in the world nowadays. So first of all, English was born circa the fifth century, when The Romans (who spoke Latin) left England in AD...

22 Oct 2022

Dialogue between Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson

Creative writing - 3 pages - Literature

It was a very sunny afternoon in London. I remember how full the streets were. I had some troubles walking through the thick crowd, and sometimes jostled some people. Indeed, this day, I was out because I had a very important appointment with a very important person. I was called a few days ago...

06 Sep 2022

A Room of One's Own - Virginia Woolf (1929) ; Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus - Mary Shelley (1818) - The Quest for Education

Text commentary - 2 pages - Literature

While analyzing A Room of One's Own and Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus, the quest for education among the youth in England and the prejudices they had to overcome in their quest to receive an education will be explored. The characters will elaborate on various social and system hurdles...

02 Sep 2022

The English Patient - Michael Ondaatje (1992) - The complexity of identity

Text commentary - 2 pages - Literature

Michael Ondaatje's thriller novel, The English Patient, tells the stories of various characters after the war that disrupted their lives changed their culture and challenged their identity. Most of the characters have endured traumatic experiences that Ondaatje makes apparent by employing...

24 Aug 2022

The picture of Dorian Grey - Oscar Wilde (1890) - Do the seeds of Dorian Gray's destruction ultimately lie in Dorian's self-hatred?

Text commentary - 1 pages - Literature

From the beginning of the novel, Dorian portrays the essence of male beauty and youth. Basil is taken aback by the perfection in Dorian's appearance. Lord Henry is friends with Basil. Basil is hesitant for Lord Henry to be introduced to Dorian. Basil knows the ways of Lord Henry and is...

23 Aug 2022

The Crucible - Arthur Miller (1953) - Act-by-act summary

Book review - 8 pages - Literature

This document is a synopsis of the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller, in which we can first read of presentation each character, followed by an act-by-act summary. John Proctor is a serious man who keeps all of his thoughts private. He protects his position of power in the community but sees...

22 Aug 2022

The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde (1890) - Psychological mechanisms of dissociation and projection

Text commentary - 2 pages - Literature

Throughout the novel The Picture of Dorian Grey, it becomes clear that Dorian Gray's psychological well-being becomes compromised with every negative thing that happens within his life. To make matters worse, the majority of his issues stem from actions that he has consciously taken, making him...

22 Aug 2022

Scientific Research and Data Analysis

Worksheets - 4 pages - Humanities/philosophy

This document is the summary of a course that presents the different ways in which research can be conducted in Science, as well as the method of data analysis. Science is a more formal, rigorous approach in the quest for truthful knowledge. It relies on objectivity and rationality -...

16 Aug 2022

Jane Eyre and the struggle to reconcile societal expectations

Essay - 2 pages - Literature

In the Victorian era, the essential aspect of a woman's life revolved around her family's domestic sphere and the home she came from. Women from the Middle class were raised to be innocent and pure, sexually undemanding and tender and obedient and submissive. They were presented in this manner to...

25 Jul 2022

Youth marginality in Britain: Contemporary studies of austerity - Shane Blackman and Ruth Rogers (2017) - Offering evidence-based recommendations for policymakers to achieve social justice for young people

Text commentary - 3 pages - Literature

The selected book for review is Youth marginality in Britain: Contemporary studies of austerity by Shane Blackman and Ruth Rogers. This book was published in 2017 and is based on case studies on factors affecting young people in the United Kingdom. The book has 17 chapters written by different...

18 Jul 2022

English Test Correction: Geopolitical Relations in Great Britain and Australia

Tutorials/exercises - 3 pages - Linguistics

This document contains an English test including sentences and expressions to translate, as well as questions on geopolitical relations about Great Britain and Australia.

02 Jun 2022

Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad (1899) - Cruelty

Text commentary - 2 pages - Literature

Within the text of Heart of Darkness, cruelty is a prominent concept. The corruption exhibited is essential to the book, shaping not only the story but the characters such as Kurtz. Cruelty is an important factor for the victims because it serves as a crucial motivation to live and as a major...

25 Apr 2022

David Copperfield - Charles Dickens (1849); Cat's Eye - Margaret Atwood (1988); Juno - Jason Reitman (2007) - Difficulties in friendship and love relationships

Text commentary - 2 pages - Literature

This passage is an extract from the novel David Coperfield by Charles Dickens, at the time David Coperfield was married to Dora Spenlow. David felt completely in love with Dora, and they decided to get married. However, their relationship is not reasonable because Dora has no sense of everyday...

30 Mar 2022

Jane Eyre - Charlotte Brontë (1847) - How important is time in the work of Charlotte Brontë?

Essay - 3 pages - Literature

The novel was published in 1847 under the male pseudonym of Currer Bell. The historical context is the Victorian era, during which the British Empire was at its height with possessions all over the world. The literary context of the work coincides with the beginning of the Romantic movement, so...

21 Mar 2022

Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen (1817)

Book review - 2 pages - Literature

Northanger Abbey is one Jane Austen's books, which was first published in 1817, three years after Pride and Prejudice, her best-known novel, and also the year she died. Jane Austen might be one of the most popular writers of her time and is still world-renowned to this day. Northanger Abbey...

19 Mar 2022

What are problems and how do we deal with them?

Presentation - 5 pages - Humanities/philosophy

Faced with the same event, several people can react in totally different ways. Better still, the same person, at different times, can react in a completely different way when faced with the same situations. All of this allows us to affirm that it is perhaps not reality itself that causes the...

19 Feb 2022

Maggie, A Girl of the Streets - Stephen Crane - Maggie is impossible to weep over

Text commentary - 3 pages - Literature

Individuals are determined by heredity and their social category (which covers the place they live in and their standard of living). Maggie, the protagonist of Stephen Crane's novel Maggie, A Girl of the Streets published in 1896, is modelled, shaped, and ultimately determined by her...

31 Jan 2022

Cake, Sarah Rose Etter (2008) - The isotopies

Book review - 6 pages - Literature

"Cake", written in 2008 by Sarah Rose Etter, tells the story of a husband and his wife who share a peculiar routine every two weeks on Friday nights: the husband watches his wife eat a whole cake on her own, and it gives him a lot of pleasure. This short story can be divided into three distinct...

25 Jan 2022

The Impact of Wars and Violence in Scotland - Analysis of an excerpt of Fleshmarket by Nicola Morgan (2016) and of the oil canvas "The Battle of Culloden" by David Morier (1746)

Artwork commentary - 6 pages - Literature

Scotland has often been portrayed as an unstable nation in the midst of violent conflicts both before and after the Acts of Union in 1707. This set of documents consists of two literary works and a pictorial work, spanning the period following the said Acts of Union, from 1746 to 1895, which is...

25 Jan 2022

A Book of Dreaming (A bok of swevenyng)

Text commentary - 7 pages - Literature

A Book of Dreaming traces its roots to the Latin Somniale Danielis and has been reproduced in numerous manuscripts across Europe from the 9th to the 15th centuries. In other words, some stylistic effects could have been lost in the translation from Latin to Middle English. Indeed, the editor,...

12 Dec 2021

Night Mail - Wystan Hugh Auden (1936)

Book review - 3 pages - Literature

Night Mail was written in 1936 by Auden. He was asked to write it for a 22-minute-long documentary also called "Night Mail," and also released in 1936 by the general post office in the UK. This documentary was created to show how the night mail worked, to illustrate what it was like to work on...

24 Oct 2021

Poor Man's Guardian, no. 72, 27 (October 1832) - what are the political stakes linked to the Reform Act and how can we understand the place of the media in the organization of power in the United Kingdom during this period?

Text commentary - 2 pages - Humanities/philosophy

The Representation of the People Act 1832 brought about important changes in the exchange between British institutions during the 19th century and allowed for the disappearance of small districts or access to the right to vote for a certain number of individuals such as small landowners. The Act...

06 Oct 2021

Lifeboat Earth Famine (Onora O'Neill, 2016), Famine, Affluence, and Morality (Peter Singer, 1972) - The moral obligation to act against hunger and poverty

Text commentary - 5 pages - Humanities/philosophy

Hunger and poverty have been a consistent problem for humanity. While the majority of humanity agrees that hunger and poverty are atrocious, the degree to which we are morally obligated to interfere is debatable. I will be examining two philosophers' papers, both that argue we are morally...

03 Sep 2021

Junky - William Seward Burroughs (1953) - Is Junky merely the story of the narrator's drug addiction?

Essay - 4 pages - Literature

Junky, the first novel of W. BURROUGHS, was published for the first time in 1953. It deals with the story of drug addiction, through one example: William LEE, the narrator. It is a major work relating the lifestyle of drug addicts during the 1950s. He employs a laconic tone, but he always seems...

03 Sep 2021

The Subterraneans - Jack Kerouac (1959) - The role of jazz in the novel

Essay - 2 pages - Literature

"The Subterraneans" is a Jack Kerouac's novel written in the 50's (written in 1953 and published in 1958). This novella is not fictional, it deals with a very short romance that Jack Kerouac had with an African American woman, Alena Lee (New York, 1953). But it was bad form to have this...

30 Aug 2021

Is a road trip running away from things or running towards something?

Text commentary - 1 pages - Literature

A road trip is a travel, an escape by campervan or motorcycle (like a Harley Davidson), through vast spaces and during long hours on the road, to discover new landscape, cities or countries. I will take three texts as examples.

30 Aug 2021

Can new technologies facilitate the exchanges?

Essay - 1 pages - Humanities/philosophy

Now, we are going to talk about new technologies to illustrate this notion. Indeed, new technologies, such as SMS, e-mail, and the World Wide Web, are all around us nowadays, like our smartphones. So, we're going to try to answer the question: "Can new technologies facilitate the exchanges?"

23 Jun 2021

Presentation of The American Dream

Essay - 2 pages - Humanities/philosophy

The American dream is the ideal by which equality of opportunity is available to any American, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved if they just work hard enough. It appeared after the Declaration of Independence in 1776 which proclaims that 'all men are created...