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08 Sep 2023

Application Letter for an Internship in Drama and All-Stage Technics

Cover letter - 1 pages - Arts and art history

This document is a writing exercise in the form of a cover letter for an internship (high school) in drama and all-stage technics.

07 Sep 2023

Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Lamb to the Slaughter - Alfred Hitchcock (1957) - Summary

Artwork commentary - 1 pages - Film studies

This short film was directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1957 as the 28th episode in the third season of his television series "Alfred Hitchcock Presents". The director first introduces the story from a grocery store, where he is funnily fined for causing traffic trouble, as if he was driving too...

07 Sep 2023

Cover Letter - Design Specialist

Cover letter - 1 pages - Design and digital creation

This document contains a sample cover letter for a position as a design specialist.

05 Sep 2023

Analyzing the Portrayal of Muslim Women in Quantico

Dissertation - 10 pages - Television

When preparing the series Quantico, the writers and producers made an explicit choice in including a remarkably diverse cast. Knowing that they were dealing with the subject of terrorism in a post 9/11 America, their treatment of Arabs and of Muslims would be intensely scrutinized. Consequently,...

24 Aug 2023

The male gaze in the film Mean Girls

Presentation - 9 pages - Film studies

This document contains a presentation analyzing the male gaze in the movie Mean Girls. Mean Girls is a 2004 American teen comedy, starring Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert, and Amanda Seyfried. The plot focuses on a naïve teenage girl navigating her way through the social hierarchy of...

18 Aug 2023

How did the Brighton School change the way of telling stories in Cinema, using in particular a new method of editing and giving a new role to the camera?

Dissertation - 2 pages - Film studies

A freshman graduating in Cinema would probably have questions about how Cinema has evolved since 1895. Although, more precisely, the question to ask is when and what are the basis of the cinema we know today. The Brighton School started in 1898 with Robert William Paul. He built his own camera:...

18 Aug 2023

What Strictly Defined Expressionist Cinema in its Aesthetic and its Intellectual Aspirations ?

Essay - 4 pages - Film studies

After WW1, Germany was wiped out and wrecked and so had difficulties putting on a new face. Its cinematographic industry also had trouble compared to Hollywood given that Germany has been undergoing an economic recession. The expressionist cinema is a movement which arose from the German...

01 Aug 2023

Notre Dame de Raincy - Auguste and Gustave Perret (1922-1923)

Artwork commentary - 3 pages - Architecture

The church was built between 1922 and 1923 and is one of the earliest examples of the use of reinforced concrete in sacred architecture. At the time, France was recovering from the ravages of the First World War and architecture had new ideas and techniques emerging. Perret was influenced by the...

18 Jul 2023

Are Social Networks the Key to Our Happiness?

Essay - 2 pages - Medias

In this day and age, the younger generation is extremely present on social media, or on the Internet in general. Studies have proven that people from 16 to 24 years old spend 7h52 on every type of screen. The Internet became crucial in our lives. You can find the best or stupidest advice on it,...

14 Jul 2023

Are dystopias getting closer to reality? - English oral exam (LLCER)

Presentation - 2 pages - Arts and art history

My personal file broaches the axis called "Fictions and Realities" and the theme of utopias and dystopias. It addresses the subject of dystopias. First of all, the dystopia is a fictional genre in which the author depicts an imagined state or society in which there is great suffering or...

03 Apr 2023

Medias in the United States

Essay - 2 pages - Medias

The Washington Post : in the early 1970s, it provided a perfect example of investigative journalism when two of its reporters uncovered the Watergate scandal, leading to Nixon's forced resignation. Moreover, in 2014, the Washington Post and the Guardian won the Pulitzer Prize for having broke...

11 Mar 2023

Jane Eyre - Charlotte Brontë (1847) ; The Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood (1985) ; Kissing the War Goodbye - Victor Jorgensen (1945) - How have British and American artists dealt with feminism in relationships through time?

Text commentary - 3 pages - Art history

We will study this through three documents. The first document is the novel "Jane Eyre", written by Charlotte Brontë and published in 1847 in London. It is a coming-of-age novel: indeed, we follow the story of Jane, a young orphan girl who lives with her aunt, Mrs. Reed, and her cousins, John,...

08 Jan 2023

The Media Welfare State

Case study - 7 pages - Journalism

The media system (referring to the entire media in a country, the ownership structure, interest groups, which give the media sector an identity) of the Nordic countries can be defined as the coexistence of a strong development of mass circulation newspapers, an historical role of media connected...

23 Nov 2022

Imitation Game - Morten Tyldum (2014) - Does the movie pay a beautiful tribute to Alan Turing, the main character?

Artwork commentary - 2 pages - Film studies

I would like to present The Imitation Game, a British movie based on a true story. Here is my key question I would like to answer: Does the movie pay a beautiful tribute to Alan Turing, the main character? In order to answer my key question, I'd like to start by a short presentation of the...

22 Nov 2022

My Own Private Idaho - Gus Van Sant (1991) - The Character's Inner Torments

Artwork commentary - 2 pages - Film studies

The movie My Own Private Idaho was directed by Gus Van Sant. It was released in 1991, in a period when almost no films dealing with homosexuality and queerness in general had yet been shown to the public. Everything was still just the "right" way to behave. So for one of the first times, we...

21 Nov 2022

Persepolis - Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud (2007) - The Internal Conflict of the Main Character

Artwork commentary - 1 pages - Film studies

Based on Marjane Satrapi's famous autobiographical comic books, Persepolis is a condensed movie of the four volumes of this saga. Co-directed by Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud and released in 2007, Persepolis is the journey of Marjane herself, an eight-year-old girl living in Tehran in...

21 Nov 2022

The Screenplay

Worksheets - 3 pages - Film studies

This document is made of ten corrected questions about screenplays.

21 Nov 2022

Blade Runner - Ridley Scott (1982) - Sequence Tears in rain

Artwork commentary - 3 pages - Film studies

The film we will analyze today is the movie Blade Runner, directed by Ridley Scott. Released in 1982, Blade Runner is a science fiction film introducing us to Rick Deckard, a Blade Runner who will be in charge during all the film to eliminate replicants, androids with human appearance. The film...

06 Oct 2022

4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days - Mungiu Cristian (2007) - A commentary on the narrative's social and historical contexts

Artwork commentary - 5 pages - Film studies

The film, "4 months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days", by Mungiu Cristian opens on a fish tank resting on a table clustered with newspapers, dishes, and a smoking cigarette burning on an ashtray. And as a hand reaches out for the smoke, the picture pulls back in a sharp movement and reveals two undergraduate...

06 Sep 2022

The Abduction from the Seraglio and Violin Concerto No. 5, 3rd Mov - Mozart (1782 and 1775) - Exoticism and the Enlightenment

Artwork commentary - 3 pages - Music and dance

Music exoticism is a term used to identify the musical practices borrowed from other people to evoke an alien frame of reference. It depicts the manner in which music composers and, to some extent, their listeners associate either rightly or wrongly with distant countries or people. During the...

03 Sep 2022

Create a piece of art about racism to change the society

Creative writing - 1 pages - Arts and art history

Racism is a key problem in my society; therefore I would love to create a piece of art on racism. Racism is a major problem in the societies we live in today. Therefore, we need to come together and work for the future of our country. Hence I have come up with this idea to create some nice pieces...

14 Aug 2022

Land Art of the Twentieth Century

Course material - 5 pages - Art history

The term land art refers to an art movement that was popularized in the 1960s and 1970s. It was popularly associated with Great Britain and the United States, but it included examples from other countries. Land art, also referred to Earth art, environmental art, or Earth work, broadens the...

25 Jul 2022

Jarhead - Sam Mendes (2005) - The place of men and women in society during the war

Artwork commentary - 3 pages - Film studies

Jarhead is a trip movie and also a movie of war that tells the stories of the soldiers, it was filmed in the late 1970s, Sam Mendes directed the film based on the true story of Anthony Swofford's private life as a military man in the US marine, the movie takes us back to the Gulf War. The...

10 Jul 2022

Activities on a construction site

Internship report - 15 pages - Architecture

For the purpose of obtaining the degree in Mechanical Civil Engineering (GCM). At the end of the third year, each student must complete an internship in a company (or communities or design office). It is an opportunity for the student to discover the world of work and to really understand the...

11 May 2022

Are We the Best Informed Citizens in History?

Text commentary - 3 pages - Medias

This document is a commentary of graphs and press cartoon, drafted as a presentation, aiming at answering the question “Are we the best-informed citizens in history?”. The selected documents are from all around the world, as we are in a networked society thanks to globalization. We...

11 May 2022

Podcast: Nelson Mandela

Creative writing - 2 pages - Medias

Good morning, London and welcome to BBC radio 4! It is 7AM, and today we will talk about the famous man nicknamed Madiba, who fought against the apartheid in South Africa during his entire life. He was president and he was honored by the Nobel Peace Prize: Nelson Mandela!

05 May 2022

Refuge of Art - Andy Goldsworthy

Artwork commentary - 2 pages - Arts and art history

Andy Goldsworthy is a British artist born in 1956. His sensitivity to the beauty of nature comes from his childhood working on farms. After that, he studied Beaux-Arts at Bradford Art College and Preston Polytechnic in Lancaster. This explains why his works combine nature and contemporary art and...

27 Dec 2021

Twice the fall - Creating a short movie based on real facts

Speech - 2 pages - Film studies

The movie I'm about to introduce is titled Twice the fall. It traces back the 09/11 events through the story of two distinct characters, Linda Vasquez and Seth Grayson, respectively confronted with psychological and political issues. September 11th, 2001, Manhattan. The twin towers collapse,...

13 Nov 2021

Jane Eyre - Franco Zeffirelli (1996) - The issue of adaptation

Artwork commentary - 18 pages - Film studies

Zeffirelli had to combine several, sometimes contradictory constraints: he had to update the text, to maintain a specific filmic transcription of the novel, and to negotiate a delicate balance between recognising the influence of the source text and the need for a specific creativity in the...

01 Oct 2021

Technical and Architectural Study - The Market Hall in Rotterdam, a Hybrid Market - The Mixing of Functions at a Building Scale

Case study - 6 pages - Architecture

After five years of work, the city of Rotterdam inaugurated in October 2014, the first covered market of the Netherlands which cost 175 million euros. Located in the city centre and close to Blaak Railway Station, the Market Hall is part of the renovation project of this historic district. Our...