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12 Apr 2021

Pestel Analysis - Burger King

Case study - 4 pages - Clients and users behaviour

Burger King is an American giant specialising in fast food and, in particular, burgers, and are McDonald's main global competitor. The group was founded in 1954 in Miami by two friends, James McLamore and David Edgerton. In 1957 the two friends created the recipe for the now world-famous...

12 Apr 2021

Marketing Mix - Zara

Case study - 4 pages - Fashion and ready to wear marketing

Zara is a Spanish brand of clothing for women, men and children. A few years ago, the brand created a line called Zara HOME, which includes decorative objects and articles intended for the home, sold in different stores. The Zara brand is owned by the Spanish group Inditex. Zara is originally...

08 Apr 2021

SWOT Analysis - Nestlé

Case study - 5 pages - Distribution marketing

Being the world's No. 1 in the food industry, Nestlé is the largest food company in the world. With a turnover of over $100 billion, the company has conquered the global agri-food market with its various products, the most famous of which relate to infant nutrition. Indeed, this was the...

07 Apr 2021

Pestel Analysis - Airbus

Case study - 5 pages - Tourism marketing

The Airbus company operates in the aeronautics sector, which includes a civilian component and a military component. Airbus was created in 1969, following an agreement between several European powers, notably France, Germany and England. The head office is located in France, near Toulouse. The...

05 Apr 2021

Porter's Five Forces - Google

Case study - 3 pages - ICT marketing

For this analysis of Porter's different forces, we are going to base our information on an international scale of the company. While still trying to qualify our analysis according to the different countries in which Google is established and the environment which may be different from one...

02 Apr 2021

Mix Marketing - Google

Case study - 2 pages - ICT marketing

You can do a Google marketing mix to get a better idea of the business and all of the strategies it implements. We will do this marketing mix, both from an international point of view but also from the prism of the French market, as it is the one with which we are most familiar. We will therefore...

24 Mar 2021

How and why has the environment become so important in the field of tourism and luxury hotels?

Case study - 5 pages - Tourism marketing

The whole text explains the importance of linking sustainable development with luxury hotels. This importance is reflected in many of the establishments that the palaces have introduced. That's why the case study focuses on the Parisian palace The Plaza Athénée, which is located in the 8th...

12 Mar 2021

SWOT Analysis - McDonald's

Case study - 5 pages - Brand management

The McDonald's Group (full name: McDonald's Corp) is undoubtedly one of the best-known groups in the world. The emblem of fast food (and sometimes even a symbol of junk food), the group offers fast food services (burgers, salads, wraps), on-site, take away, drive-through or delivery...

11 Mar 2021

Porter's Five Forces - McDonald's

Case study - 5 pages - Brand management

McDonald's is a fast-food restaurant chain that started in 1952 in the United States. Since that day, its success has been global; today it is one of the largest brands in the fast-food sector in the world. Porter's forces make it possible to analyse the environment of a group or sector....

11 Mar 2021

Marketing Mix - McDonald's

Case study - 6 pages - Brand management

It is increasingly difficult to find a place in the world of commerce. This is why it is essential to find a strategy to earn the title of market leader. But how do large companies fare? To answer this, we will study the marketing mix of one of the biggest brands, McDonald's. ...

10 Mar 2021

Marketing Mix - Coca-Cola

Case study - 4 pages - International marketing

Known internationally, Coca-Cola is the favourite drink brand of consumers and occupies a certain place in American culture, particularly with the famous rimmed bottle. The success of this company arouses the curiosity of many of its competitors, especially when we know that its recipe, which...

09 Mar 2021

Porter's Five Forces - Coca-Cola

Case study - 5 pages - Brand management

Coca-Cola is one of the world's largest food companies. Initially founded in 1886 and originally from Atlanta, the group arrived in France in 1919 and was offered, for the first time, in a café in the capital in 1933. The success was almost immediate, Coca-Cola having acquired worldwide...

09 Mar 2021

PESTEL Analysis - Coca-Cola

Case study - 5 pages - Brand management

The Coca-Cola Company has grown over the years into a real legend and recognised symbol in the soft drink industry, among its competitors, and among its consumers. It is considered much more than just a company that distributes beverage syrups, a brand that is so popular and renowned around the...

08 Mar 2021

SWOT Analysis - Airbus

Case study - 5 pages - Tourism marketing

Airbus is a European aeronautics company founded in 1970 and has since become one of the world leaders in the sector. The originality of Airbus lies in its European constitution. Originally in the form of a consortium of several European countries. Its head office is based on Toulouse and its...

08 Mar 2021

SWOT Analysis - Boeing

Case study - 5 pages - Automotive marketing

With its official name 'the Boeing Company', Boeing is an American company based in Chicago that operates in the aircraft and aerospace manufacturing sectors. Boeing relies mostly on the construction of civilian aeroplanes, helicopters, satellites, military aircraft, etc. In this area,...

05 Mar 2021

PESTEL Analysis - Boeing

Case study - 5 pages - Tourism marketing

The Boeing Company was founded as B&W in 1916. It operates in the civil, military and space aeronautics industries. Given the political context at the time, the company grew rapidly, including supplying the US military with war engines as the country entered the global conflict. Military aviation...

03 Mar 2021

SWOT Analysis - Google

Case study - 5 pages - ICT marketing

Google is an American company created in 1998 and specialising in the high-tech industry, the means of communication, in particular with its Internet search engine 'Google', known worldwide and until now unassailable. Its head office has been located in California since its inception by...

03 Mar 2021

PESTEL Analysis - Google

Case study - 5 pages - ICT marketing

Google is now world-famous company, originally from the United States, the company was founded in 1998. Google is a world leader in technology, means of communication, services related to the Internet and the Cloud, entertainment and content disseminated online. The company is located in...

03 Mar 2021

BCG Matrix - Coca-Cola

Case study - 5 pages - Brand management

Coca-Cola Company, an American company that produces and distributes syrups for making soft drinks, is a brand that can be recognised at a glance thanks to the shape of its bottles or even its logo. Consumed and appreciated by all, this company is mainly positioned in the soft drinks market as a...

24 Feb 2021

How to conduct market research

Practical guide - 7 pages - Marketing theories

In 5 phases of marketing, market research is one of the tools that correspond to phase 1: knowing the market. It is about collecting reliable market information at times when strategic decisions have to be made, for example: before launching a new product or activity, before opening a new...

17 Feb 2021

Business model - Netflix

Case study - 6 pages - Digital & e-marketing

The story goes that after having to pay late penalties at a Blockbuster video store, Reed Hastings (CEO of Netflix) had the idea to launch a similar service, but rather to offer it as a subscription package. Netflix was launched in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. At the time, it was an...

17 Feb 2021

Mass consumption and crisis situation - Parallel with the Coronavirus

Case study - 4 pages - Clients and users behaviour

In recent days, panic has invaded the homes of French consumers, since the Coronavirus has officially arrived in France, causing in particular the closure of schools. In these moments of doubt, fear and anguish, some consumers have tended to rush into the supermarket shelves in order to provide...

08 Feb 2021

E-Business - Established retailer adopting e-commerce

Case study - 10 pages - Digital & e-marketing

Nordstrom is a fashion outlet that sells clothes, shoes, and accessories for men, women and kids. It was created by John Nordstrom in 1901 with the aim of providing quality products to all its customers. Nordstrom exists in Canada and 40 states in the United States with 117 stores and 248 rack...

06 Feb 2021

Strategic Analysis - Uber

Case study - 23 pages - Services marketing

Uber Technologies Inc. is a global transportation technology company operating in more than 760 cities around the world, and in more than 70 countries. The American giant generated net revenues of $6.5 billion (excluding China) in 2016, simply from its transport business. Uber, where the...

04 Feb 2021

SWOT Analysis - Coca Cola

Case study - 4 pages - Brand management

Coca-Cola is a sweetened carbonated beverage produced by The Coca-Cola Company. The product was invented in 1886 in America by Dr John Stith Pemberton who produced the syrup for Coca-Cola. Pemberton advertised the drink as a medicinal beverage for headache relief. The beverage was first sold as a...

28 Jan 2021

The French Online Dating Site Market

Case study - 9 pages - Digital & e-marketing

Online dating has now been around for more than a decade and online dating sites have become part of the way of life of the French population. By allowing a user to meet singles or like-minded people with whom they can share life aspirations, passions and the same desire for relationships. Dating...

25 Jan 2021

SWOT Analysis - Netflix

Case study - 3 pages - ICT marketing

Netflix, founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in 1997, is an online streaming service that allows its members who pay subscription fees to watch television shows, movies, series and documentaries from their devices using internet connection. Netflix originated in the United States as an...

25 Jan 2021

SWOT - history, presentation, creation

Practical guide - 6 pages - Marketing theories

In a world where competition is getting tougher, every company, whatever its type and size, must set itself apart from its competitors to achieved success. This goal requires constant innovation and flawless decisions so that every step is optimised towards success. From this, the debate becomes...

22 Jan 2021

SWOT Analysis - Total

Case study - 5 pages - International marketing

The Total group was founded in 1924, and it is one of the six largest companies in the petroleum sector in the world. Its main competitors are British Petroleum (BP), Chevron, Exxon Mobil, ConocoPhillips and Shell. The energy market has changed significantly in recent years. Indeed, Europe has...

19 Jan 2021

SWOT Analysis - Facebook

Case study - 4 pages - Brand management

Facebook is an online site for social networking between individuals who each create their own online Facebook profiles. As of the third quarter of 2020, Facebook had over 2,740 million monthly active users (Clement, 2020). The site was founded in February 2004 by a student at Harvard University,...