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Member account

  • I cannot log in, what should I do?

    Your username is your email address.
    If you get the "wrong login credentials" message, make sure you entered your full email address and password correctly.

  • On the login page, click on the "Forgot password" link. Enter your email address in the field provided at this effect then click on "Resend my password".
    An email will then be sent to you, containing a link allowing you to reset the password: this link is valid for 24 hours only.
    Remember to check the SPAM folder in your inbox if you do not receive this email. < br /> The new password must be a combination of letters, numbers, symbols, upper case, lower case, must contain between 8 and 20 characters, and not be the same as the previous ones.
    For example: P @ ssword2020

  • The new password must be a combination of letters, numbers, symbols, upper case, lower case, must contain between 8 and 20 characters, and not be the same as the previous ones.
    For example: P @ ssword2020

Consultation of documents

  • All documents are searchable via a monthly subscription.
    When you have found a document that you want to consult, click on "Consult this document".

Sending documents

  • Publish your academic resources: a text commentary, an essay, an exercise, a presentation, an internship report, a market study, etc. Only quality documents will be uploaded.
    Once online, your documents can be viewed by other users, allowing you to obtain remuneration.

  • To speed up the further processing of your documents and their publication, here are some indications on the selection criteria:

    • Your document must be completely written (note-taking and abbreviations are avoided)
    • Your document must be recent
    • Your document must include a bibliography except for the reading notes and stop comments
    • Your document should be long enough - a document under 500 words is usually not accepted
    • Your document must not be a handwritten or scanned document
    • Your document is preferably in Word format for easier formatting for publication
    • Your document has a clear title, a coherent outline and covers a subject in a comprehensive manner
    • Quotes are clearly indicated, preferably between ""
    • You MUST be the document writer: no other people's lecture notes, and no non-essential cut and paste without substantial modification
  • Our automatic plagiarism checking system compares the content of your content with what is available on the rest of the web. The quotes can then be considered copy-paste content.

    They should be clearly identified, between "" for example.

    Contact us if your document has been refused because of the citations it contains.

    Please note that a document consisting mainly of quotes and with little added value on your part will not be accepted.

Delivery of documents

  • If the desired document does not contain any given, contact us!

  • You can download your document at any time from your personal space in the History / Consultations section.

  • Documents can be downloaded as soon as payment has been made. Just click on the "Download" button located to the right of the document title.
    No document is sent by email.
    Alternatively, go to your personal space in the "History / Consultations" section, you will find this document there and can download it as long as your subscription is valid.

Documents on demand

  • Are you stuck on a subject?

    Let us write it for you!

    1. You can request the writing of all types of documents: essays, text commentary, stop commentary, market study, internship report or even dissertation.
    2. The work is guaranteed plagiarism free: you can return it to your teachers without risk!
    3. The price depends on the category, the level, the number of pages or slides requested, and of course the processing time.
    4. We make sure your instructions are clear before approving your request. If not, we'll get back to you to find out more.
    5. Your topic is sent to the appropriate editors who can lock it and start writing. You can be in direct contact with them to request changes or to give them further information.
    6. Once your document has been delivered by the tutor-writer, you read it, check everything is in order, and then give it a rating. The tutor-writer's remuneration depends on this.

    Order your document now!

  • You interact with your tutor-writer throughout the writing of the document: give your opinion very frankly!

    You can then assess the quality of the work delivered as a whole.

    The committee will consider your assessment very carefully and revert with an appropriate action if necessary.

  • The committee selects the tutor-writers on the basis of the completeness of their presentation, their CV and their writing quality: spelling or syntax errors are eliminatory.

    Become a writer!

  • When you send the document on which you have worked, the client gives a rating on the quality of the document returned and the various exchanges that you may have had via your respective personal accounts.

    Your remuneration depends on the evaluation of the document produced, minus the commission we charge for platform and connection costs.

  • The tutor-writer profile is required to lock, or claim, a topic for writing. Completing this profile indicates a first level of involvement and demonstrates certain writing qualities, particularly in spelling and grammar.

    Enter the information requested: be precise and exhaustive, and pay special attention to your presentation, it will be read by the person requesting the document and will be a deciding factor of their choice.

    Read the terms and conditions of being a tutor-writer and accept them.

    Your application will be received by our team, who may ask you for additional information before its validation.

    In the absence of this information or by decision of the committee, your application may be rejected.

    If your application is validated, you will receive the requested subjects by email. You can also consult them on the site, and express your interest.

    If you lock a topic, you will need to write the document according to the specifications, before the deadline, and submit the document's versions to the client through the Oboolo platform.

    You can update your tutor-writer profile at any time from your profile.

    Become a tutor-writer!

Plagiarism Check

  • If you are writing a document as part of your studies, there is a good chance that your school / high school / university uses plagiarism detection software.
    When writing an assignment, whether it is a market study, an essay, an internship report or any other type of assignment, references are taken on the web, authors are cited, company presentations are occasions, etc. all these elements can be detected as plagiarism, severely penalizing the writer.
    Maximize your chances of getting a good grade by checking your assignment before handing it in!

  • Oboolo uses an advanced plagiarism detection system, developed over the years to meet internal needs.
    The report that will be submitted to you will contain the overall percentage of content considered plagiarized, of course, but will give you a lot of information on which to correct it. You will know exactly which sentences are too similar to what already exists on the web and where they are in your document, allowing you to optimize them.

  • The Oboolo tool compares your document with anything that can be found using search engines, including documents on Oboolo and partner sites. uses cookies. By continuing browsing on or clicking on OK, you consent to it. Privacy Policy