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07 Jun 2024

The Guardian, Six myths about sleep: if you got up early to read this, you're in trouble - Paul Kelley (2015) - How does the lack of sleep affect our society?

Text commentary - 2 pages - Sociology & social sciences

It's generally acknowledged that sleep represents a major part of our lives, however, we tend to underestimate the importance of quality sleep. The article "Six myths about sleep" was adapted from the Guardian in October 2015 and tackles the issue of sleep. This issue is linked with social...

21 May 2024

Comparative Research Project - Ethics of Vaccination

Summary - 3 pages - Sociology & social sciences

Vaccination gives humans and living beings immunity against some viruses, allowing humans and animals to live longer, as they can now be protected. Vaccination is a very important procedure in several countries, as it can provide people with general immunity. However, some vaccination campaigns...

20 May 2024

Student CV for a business school internship

Sample resume - 1 pages - Everyday's life

This CV is a template for any business school student applying for an internship.

10 May 2024

Gabrielle Chanel, an inspiring entrepreneur

Biography - 1 pages - Everyday's life

The woman I chose to talk about is a legend. Her name is legendary and her products were and are still so popular. What if I ask you this simple question: What is the most famous French brand in the world? Many brand names will pop up in your mind. But I am ready to bet that "Chanel" will be in...

17 Mar 2024

The Issue of Race in the US

Case study - 5 pages - Culture, religion & civilization

The United States, often lauded as a melting pot of cultures, is a nation deeply entrenched in a complex history of racial dynamics. From its inception, issues of race have shaped the social, economic, and political landscape of the country. Its impact spans across education, employment,...

20 Feb 2024

Finding A Mutually Satisfactory Argument in Negotiations

Course material - 1 pages - Psychology

It is vital to note that negotiating parties have multiple interests, and this should be identified and talked about clearly. Identification of interests begins with a review of basic needs and in the current case; these include economic well-being, a sense of belonging, security, and...

20 Feb 2024

Transmitting Aggression through the Imitation of Aggressive Models - Albert Bandura (1961)

Book review - 3 pages - Psychology

Aggression in its multiple dimensions is a significant behavioural problem in the world currently. In the history of psychology, aggression stands out as a widely researched topic, particularly by social psychologists whose primary goal is to define it and study its causes. While there is a long...

18 Feb 2024

AFCON 2023: A Celebration of Talent, Diversity and African Unity

Case study - 2 pages - Sports

Excitement is building as Africa prepares to host the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON), an event that transcends borders, celebrating not only exceptional football, but also cultural richness and diversity of an entire continent. In this article, let's delve into the importance of the AFCON...

01 Feb 2024


Presentation - 14 pages - Sociology & social sciences

As the name suggests, cyberbullying is bullying in a digital place such as phones, computers, tablets and many more, in différents areas like messaging, social media, online gaming or forums. The cyber bully sends negative message increasingly.

29 Jan 2024

David Copperfield - Charles Dickens (1850); The Rev. and Mrs. Palmer-Lovell with their two daughters - Augustus Leopold Egg (19th century); Billy Elliot - Stephen Daldry (2000) - To what extent does gender have an impact on education?

Text commentary - 1 pages - Sociology & social sciences

This document tackles 3 documents : - Document 1 is an extract from the novel entitled David Copperfield written by Charles Dickens and published in 1850. It is a coming-of-age novel. - Document 2 is a painting by Augustus Leopold Egg realized in the 19th century. It pictures The Rev. and Mrs....

09 Jan 2024

Land grabbing in post-Soviet Eurasia: the world's largest agricultural land reserves at stake - Oane Visser & Max Spoor (2011)

Book review - 3 pages - Sociology & social sciences

The redaction takes place during the beginning of a project led by Visser about land investment strategies and their effects, concerning food security and sovereignty, labour issues and rural development. Visser and Spoor being specialists of post-Soviet countries in their own discipline, they...

08 Jan 2024

English civilization file on war correspondence

Text commentary - 7 pages - Culture, religion & civilization

Ernest "Ernie" Taylor Pyle lived most of his first 19 years on a farm near Dana, Indiana. He was born on 3 August 1900, the only son of William and Mary Taylor Peale, who were considered simple farmers, ardent Methodists and Prohibitionists. Around 1917, the United States entered the First...

23 Dec 2023

Guns in America Cover - Time Magazine (November 5, 2018) - What 245 Americans Think About the Issue

Artwork commentary - 2 pages - Sociology & social sciences

Facing the debate on individual weapons ownership and gun violence in the United States, artists try to alert and provoke public opinion through their works, being biased or not at all. The work I will show you dates back to 5 years; this is TIME's November 5 cover, made in collaboration with...

19 Dec 2023

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach - Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig (1995) - AI fundamentals and intelligent agents

Tutorials/exercises - 5 pages - Sociology & social sciences

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broad and interdisciplinary field that aims to create machines or systems that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. A machine's intelligence can be tested by comparing it to a human's intelligence. The Turing test is one way to do...

14 Dec 2023

How to Find Resilience after a Traumatic Domestic Violence?

Litterature review - 7 pages - Psychology

This work is a great opportunity to explore an area that is debated more every day in the media, but that required a deeper psychological analysis to understand causes and to provide keys for wellbeing relief. Domestic violence, the traumas that it causes and how we deal with them in our...

14 Dec 2023

Assessment of Performance of Executive Function Tasks Between Bilinguals and Monolinguals

Presentation - 5 pages - Psychology

This work was born out of a reflection on whether the ability to speak more than one language actually confers better cognitive functioning after finding that the extensive research that has been conducted on how the use of both languages can affect some executive control functions were...

20 Nov 2023

Anti-LGBTQ+ Bills in the US

Presentation - 3 pages - Sociology & social sciences

Today, I am going to talk about the surge of anti-LGBTQ laws in the US. To do so I will start by taking the example of the expansion of the Don't Say Gay bill in Florida, on April 19, 2023. The original Don't Say Gay law, adopted in 2022, banned lessons relating to sexual orientation and...

17 Nov 2023

The emergence of gated communities in the United States

Essay - 2 pages - Sociology & social sciences

The gated communities are special areas, or closeted residency where a certain group (part of the same club, people from the same social class, same beliefs, etc.) of people who choose to live together, sharing some private area (like parks, swimming pools, etc.). It's been a few years since...

15 Nov 2023

Australia and the contribution of the Aboriginal people

Presentation - 3 pages - Culture, religion & civilization

Australia is a country in Oceania, located between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The country is an island but is surrounded by many countries: Indonesia, Papua New Guinea to the north, Vanuatu, and New Caledonia to the northeast, and New Zealand to the southeast. Australia measured an area of...

14 Nov 2023

To Court Workers, Japanese Firms Try Being More Gay-Friendly - Jonathan Soble (2017) - Cultural Differences

Book review - 1 pages - Sociology & social sciences

This document provides a reading guide for the article "To Court Workers, Japanese Firms Try Being More Gay-Friendly" published by The New York Times in 2017 about cultural differences.

12 Nov 2023

Nutrition policy in South Korea - Hye-Kyung Park (2008); Kenya's push to promote traditional food is good for nutrition and cultural heritage - Patrick Maundu (2022); How Korean food philosophy can help us reconnect - WP Creative Group (2021) - Nutrition in South Korea and Kenya

Case study - 4 pages - Nutrition, alimentation and dietetic

I decided to take an interest in the all-important subject of nutrition and the innovative policies put in place to address this global problem. As obesity problems increasingly affect the whole population, we need to find keys to return to a healthier and more normal situation. This is the issue...

07 Nov 2023

Maleficent - Robert Stromberg (2014); Evil Thing - Serena Valentino (2020); Moon Palace - Paul Auster (1989); Women's Voice and Images in Folk Tales and Fairy Tales - Luma Al-Barazenji (2015) - Women Empowerment

Presentation - 3 pages - Sociology & social sciences

The document is an oral presentation which studies the case of women empowerment. In order to approach the subject, four documents are taken into account: - a poster of the movie "Maleficent," released on May 18, 2014, by the director Robert Stromberg; - an excerpt from "Evil Thing" written by...

04 Nov 2023

Role of Education in Gender Equality: Stereotyping - published: 04/11/2023

Presentation - 2 pages - Sociology & social sciences

This document is a guide summarizing the main concepts to be covered in a 15-minute presentation on the role of education in gender equality.

04 Nov 2023

Intergenerational Digital Forum

Tutorials/exercises - 1 pages - Sociology & social sciences

The intergenerational digital forum is conceived as a round table meeting between pupils and newly arrived young people through migration. The main idea of this forum is to address the problem that elderly people are facing when it comes to navigating and do simple tasks on digital tools.

24 Oct 2023

Journey to a Bachelor's Degree in Communication

Presentation - 2 pages - Everyday's life

This document outlines a transition from six years of experience as an editorial assistant at a local newspaper to pursuing a bachelor's degree in communication.

23 Oct 2023

Three English essays

Essay - 4 pages - Educational studies

Children's stories often evoke the importance of family for the happiness of children. It can be demonstrated through the presence of strong parental figures in the stories, but on the contrary, by showing the lack of love resulting from broken or absent families. In this case, it is common...

23 Oct 2023

English Homework in Psychology

Tutorials/exercises - 2 pages - Psychology

Neuropsychoanalysis might be able to bring a "sketch of inner life" where emotions and so on are not only expressed by patterns and numbers. The combination of neuroscience and psychoanalysis express together the human mind and should be considered and used together as complementary.

23 Oct 2023

Entrance exam to Science Po in Strasbourg and ITIRI (Institute of Translator-Interpreter) in the 4th year

Presentation - 2 pages - Educational studies

This is an example of an oral presentation as part of an entrance exam for the 4th year of "Sciences Po Strasbourg" (Master's degree in Global International Relations and Master's degree in European Studies) and ITIRI Strasbourg (Institute of Translator-Interpreter).

22 Oct 2023

Beloved - Toni Morrison (1987) - Black people's conditions in the seventies

Book review - 2 pages - Sociology & social sciences

Beloved is an American fiction novel by Toni Morrison, published in 1987. Its story's plot is based on the notorious real adventure of Margaret Garner, an African American slave who succeeded into escaping to Ohio, murdering her last child rather than offering a new slave to the world. The...

19 Oct 2023

To what extent did the abortion debate after Roe v. Wade mark the entry of Christians into politics?

Essay - 7 pages - Culture, religion & civilization

Abortion, a widely practiced method of terminating a pregnancy, is likely the most polarizing issue in the United States. Before 1973, in a majority of states, abortion was a crime, except to save the life of the mother. Tight regulations had made it difficult for clinics to operate, and women...