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02 Feb 2021

State sovereignty in international public law

Essay - 5 pages - International law

Jean Bodin (1530-1596) considered that the concept of sovereignty is an absolute concept. Sovereignty is a key concept when it comes to dealing with the state and its place in the international arena. It is, indeed, a concept that has been fostered to characterize the intrinsic power of states:...

11 Jan 2017

American police history

Essay - 1 pages - Criminal law

In the foggy streets of London in 1829 a ruling made by British Parliament would change the system of policing around the world drastically and forever. This ruling was based upon the ideas of a man named Robert Peel, and these ideas are still the major basis for police in America today.

07 Sep 2016

"Toward Neutral Principles of Constitutional Law" by Herbert Wechsler and the Brown v. the Board of Education Legal Decision

Essay - 2 pages - Constitutional law

In "Toward Neutral Principles of Constitutional Law", Herbert Wechsler brings up difficult issues that are eternally present in cases that make their way up to the Supreme Court. While we often deny these issues and simply assume that the court is making a decision that is "Constitutional" and...

06 Jul 2016

Our Undemocratic Constitution - Sanford Levinson, 2008

Book review - 4 pages - Constitutional law

In "Our Undemocratic Constitution" by Sanford Levinson, the author argues that the Constitution has become outdated, and that it must be changed. His basic premise is that our nation was not the same as it was during the Constitutional Convention in the late 18th century, and in order to remain...

04 Jul 2016

The Civil Rights Act of 1964

Essay - 2 pages - Other law subjects

In the 1960's, our country went through many significant transformations. The Civil Rights Acts of 1964 which was passed by President Lyndon Johnson gave enormous rights to black people, women, all ethnic groups, and the Act made it illegal to discriminate against people for trivial reasons....

29 Mar 2016

UK revenge porn laws: Literature review

Essay - 5 pages - Other law subjects

Revenge porn is a type of illegal activity where a party exposes explicit images or other materials such as videos, of a person whom they had a relationship with but broke up in retaliation to the break up with the aim of hitting back at their significant others. It may also occur when hackers...

25 Feb 2016

Criminal justice ethics

Essay - 2 pages - Other law subjects

The processes and systems set to prevent and mitigate crime, impose criminal punishments to those who violate the law and recommend rehabilitation is criminal justice. (Banks, 2013).Criminal justice ethics focuses on enforcement of the law being guided by social institutions and values. A...

08 Feb 2016

Separation of power in Australian law

Essay - 3 pages - Other law subjects

Principally, it refers to constitution principle and ideology that offers check and balances to any power vested in any institution or person. Governmental authorities are divided into different branches for example, there is legislative arm that comprises of senate and parliament, executive...

16 Sep 2015

Comparative law : relationship between law and religion

Essay - 7 pages - Other law subjects

The promotion and securing of peaceful dispute settlement is typically one of the most critical, although difficult, objectives of the international legal system. The fundamental principles as well as methods, which govern the settlement of such disputes today, especially interstate disputes, are...

14 Sep 2015

Airline and pilot safety

Essay - 25 pages - Other law subjects

Safety has consistently been one of the primary concerns in the aviation industry. The crucial nature of safety in this sector is accentuated by the fact that most airplane accidents result in catastrophic loss of life. Such accidents also lead to incurrence of significant costs in terms of...

09 Sep 2015

Europe vs America - different approaches to privacy

Essay - 5 pages - Civil law

Everything that people do within the internet leaves behind some digital fingerprints. This means that it is logical that most users of the internet worry a lot about the matter of privacy. Because laws of privacy are different from one country to another, a company may not be obligated legally...

27 Jul 2015

Legal aspects of the law and legislations

Case study - 5 pages - Civil law

The purpose of this essay is to analyse a case scenario at the Sunnyland Day Respite Center with focus being on the legal aspects of the law and legislations. The paper will analyse the various aspects of the law in relation to the case that resulted in the unnecessary death of the patient. In...

24 Jul 2015

Texas civil rights

Essay - 2 pages - Civil law

The darkest times of our nation surrounded two major happenings. The initial occurrence was the institution of slavery. Second, the struggle for civil rights has plagued our country even through today. Texas has been a key state in each of these events. Research of the civil rights movement...

24 Jul 2015

Gay rights and human rights

Essay - 1 pages - Other law subjects

All humans should share certain rights, regardless of their identity. However, this is not the case in multiple states. Our country has been rid of laws that discriminate based on race. Nevertheless, one discriminating factor is prevalent within our nation. Homosexuals are still discriminated...

24 Jul 2015

The need for moral rights for animals

Essay - 1 pages - Other law subjects

Animals are a crucial part of our society. However, they are not respected in this manner. Most people do not recognize or appreciate their existence. Several authors have observed the schizoid quality in the relationship between humans and animals. An Animal's Place by Michael Pollan and The...

24 Jul 2015

Affirmative action legislation

Essay - 2 pages - Civil law

Affirmative action is mentioned in association with efforts to promote social equalities at work places. Legislation was used to enforce and guarantee equality initiatives in organizations. These initiatives protected persons like the disabled the elderly, gender groups and others (Glenda, John...

21 Jul 2015

Public law: Judicial review

Case study - 4 pages - Civil law

As much as Catford District Council has authority to issue retailing license to pet-shop owners and operators, the relevant statute provides discretion to the local authority to conduct consultations if necessary. The fact that the license was legally issued and Alya is not comfortable with the...

03 Jun 2015

Intangible property: case study

Case study - 3 pages - Other law subjects

Made a sudden seizure and experts should conduct the investigation and prepare the corresponding technical report, answering the questions formulated by the plaintiffs, the Public Ministry and the judge. Not realizing expertise by decision of the experts after inspection, the expert report must...

03 Jun 2015

The nullity of the preliminary phase the judgment

Case study - 4 pages - Other law subjects

Jurisprudence has devoted substantial early nullities. Then, an Act of 1897 instituted 8/12 textual nullities. Infringement of defense rights has gradually become the criterion for determining existence of substantial nullities (Cass, 12/06 1952, Imbert). The substantial nullities have been...

13 May 2015

Managerial Economics: Welfare Corporate Social Responsibility

Case study - 5 pages - Criminal law

Free market theory was a dominant theme of the 1780s propagated by economists such as Adam Smith. Amongst other things was its exclusive resolve that there should be minimal government involvement in the business of the economy if any at all. It was the era of the industrialization concerned with...

10 Apr 2015

Where Prosecutions Go erroneous - Crime and Punishment

Case study - 3 pages - Criminal law

The main mandate of the justice system is to investigate, make arrests, gather evidence, bring charges forward, conduct trials, render a sentence and carry out a punishment. The judicial system is therefore trusted to make the right judgments and to give punishments only to those who...

30 Mar 2015

The Legal, Ethical, and Technological Concerns in Investments

Case study - 2 pages - Business law

The need for accountability links the accounting and financial reporting of businesses to the law. The main interest of the law in this case is to protect the interests of the public from manipulations of the statements to exploit unsuspecting citizens. In addition, the law creates a platform for...

24 Mar 2015

Strategic problems facing Human Resource Managers (HRM) operating in multi-national companies (MNC)

Essay - 7 pages - Criminal law

A multi-national company is a company that has been formed to operate across known international physical boundaries (Cooke, 2003). These companies are often located to other international countries apart from the parent country in which it was originally founded. These multinational...

18 Mar 2015

Why the Saudi Government Implemented Banning Exports of Cement?

Case study - 6 pages - Criminal law

In 2009, the ban was partially lifted following an upsurge in demand in the Middle Eastern countries. Other factor was the continued fall in country's GDP growth rate projections for the past 2 years forcing the adjustment on foreign trade policies to boost the balance of payments. The outlaw has...

12 Feb 2015

Fire and Security Monitoring System - Process Architectural Design

Case study - 6 pages - Criminal law

The fire and security monitoring system is meant to manage, and to monitor the fire security alarms in a building. In order to best understand how this system works, it is only prudent to define its design both in terms of the software and the hardware components that it is made up of; we have to...

30 Jan 2015

Does Insolvency Law Need Reform?

Case study - 3 pages - Other law subjects

Time and again, companies face financial difficulties that threaten to lead such investments into closure. This should not be allowed to unnecessarily take these companies that are faced with financial difficulties to the wall. There are laws that have existed in various European governments that...

02 Dec 2014

Legal methodology for students

Case study - 15 pages - Civil law

The practical case is an exercise also called legal consultation, or legal composition. The object of the practical case is to bring the legal solution to facts given and to state the consequences. For that, we applied the mechanism of the legal syllogism. There is no question to state a...

13 Nov 2014

Islamic finance and its come back after the last economic crash

Case study - 4 pages - Criminal law

The economic crash took place between 2007 and 2008. It originated from the United States. It is the worst economic crisis that has ever hit the world up to today. It has become a global issue, hitting economies in all countries. It has led to the fall or decline in the economies, markets and...

10 Nov 2014

Punishment vs Rehabilitation for Criminals

Case study - 25 pages - Criminal law

In history, the citizen safety holds a fundamental priority in successive governments'policies protecting the basic human rights. Naturally, everyone is expected to respect the right calling for human safety at all places; walking along the street, relaxing at home or in public gatherings. For...

05 Nov 2014

Criminal Evidence and Procedure- if judge decides to exclude the evidence can the prosecution introduce it at the trial?

Case study - 3 pages - Criminal law

The evidence falls under the Exclusionary Rule, which prevents the prosecutor from relying on evidence gathered through means that violate the Constitution. There was no search warrant in getting the evidence and it resulted in illegal search and seizure which is against the dictates in the...

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