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How to write a book review offers documents which include book reviews written by students, teachers, and professionals from various fields. There are a wide range of book reviews published on the website which include Literature, Fiction and various other subjects. The papers that you can access from are reviewed by an expert committee to ensure that the documents meet good quality standards. The following tips will help you write a good book review.

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Whatever the length of the work to be analyzed, the review of a book, by Jane Austen for example, a book review on Beowulf, or a book review on Great Expectations, must present and synthesize the work by giving the characteristic elements of its content. A successful book review must have a double effect on its reader: make him want to read the book, and exempt him from it. You will, of course, have to be interested in the plot or the story, but also in the author, in the psychology of the characters, in the symbolic significance of certain themes, in the genre of the work, in what motivated its publication, etc.

Here is the methodology of the book review, and how to summarize a book.

The preparation

In addition to reading the book accompanied by note-taking, we advise you to research previous reviews and articles. Indeed, a possible study of the sources or comparison with texts which have dealt with the same subject will often help you to better understand the intentions of the author.

The introduction

It must present the author, and locate the work among his various works. Is the work an academic work, a commission from a publisher? In what context was it published? Is it part of a cycle of a larger whole? Does its writing have any particularities? If the book was the subject of scientific or media debate, when it was released, it is also wise to mention it in the introduction.


It should highlight important aspects of the book, supported by examples from its content. You can pick up a few outstanding quotes, or quote a few sentences that convey the tone of the author, without however overdoing it because it must be a personal work following a reading specific to each individual.

The development of your reading file must be argued; two approaches are possible:

  • Choose a development in two parts, the first being a synthesis of the book, and the second a personal and critical analysis which would expose the weaknesses and the qualities of the work. In this case, be particularly careful to avoid repetitions between your two games.
  • Combine synthesis and analysis in a structured development. This can follow the progress of the plan of the book, especially if it is short or well structured. On the contrary, it can be based on the main themes of the work, which is often essential when faced with a long and confusing text.

The best method, but the most difficult, is, all the same, to break free from the structure of the book to characterize its content, by classifying the elements that constitute it in order of importance, without necessarily respecting their chronological order.

This work requires clarity and conciseness. You will have to give up secondary elements of the text, secondary characters, digressions, etc. Use simple sentences, specific terms, and avoid listing similar terms. Finally, it may be necessary to focus on certain details which have great symbolic value, very revealing of the author's hidden or avowed intentions.

The conclusion

It must put the main points of the argument into perspective, and identify the scope of the work. Does it renew a genre or the knowledge of the subject it addresses? Does it mark a break? Does it rely on unpublished sources? How was it received by readers? Is it still relevant today? It is imperative that you state all the bibliographic resources that have enabled you to produce your reading sheet. If you are referring to page numbers, be sure to include the exact edition of the book you worked on.

Indeed, your data must be easily verifiable, this contributes to the professionalism of your work.

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