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29 Jun 2024

To what extent does the use of mass media impact our lives, our access to information, our interpretation of the news, our socialization, and our opinions?

Essay - 2 pages - Medias

Media, intended as a means of mass communication, have often been defined as the fourth power within modern democracies, performing a similar function to the one given to the legislative, executive, and judiciary branches within democratic institutional frameworks. They have, for better or worse,...

09 Oct 2023

Interview between Banksy and a journalist

Case study - 2 pages - Medias

Today, world exclusive on RADIO ONE, you're going to hear the first interview the famous, the great Banksy agreed to give. He gave the interview on the phone yesterday and we recorded it. So prick up your ears and enjoy!

18 Jul 2023

Are Social Networks the Key to Our Happiness?

Essay - 2 pages - Medias

In this day and age, the younger generation is extremely present on social media, or on the Internet in general. Studies have proven that people from 16 to 24 years old spend 7h52 on every type of screen. The Internet became crucial in our lives. You can find the best or stupidest advice on it,...

03 Apr 2023

Medias in the United States

Essay - 2 pages - Medias

The Washington Post : in the early 1970s, it provided a perfect example of investigative journalism when two of its reporters uncovered the Watergate scandal, leading to Nixon's forced resignation. Moreover, in 2014, the Washington Post and the Guardian won the Pulitzer Prize for having broke...

11 May 2022

Are We the Best Informed Citizens in History?

Text commentary - 3 pages - Medias

This document is a commentary of graphs and press cartoon, drafted as a presentation, aiming at answering the question “Are we the best-informed citizens in history?”. The selected documents are from all around the world, as we are in a networked society thanks to globalization. We...

11 May 2022

Podcast: Nelson Mandela

Creative writing - 2 pages - Medias

Good morning, London and welcome to BBC radio 4! It is 7AM, and today we will talk about the famous man nicknamed Madiba, who fought against the apartheid in South Africa during his entire life. He was president and he was honored by the Nobel Peace Prize: Nelson Mandela!