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Why a plagiarism tool?

Oboolo has 20 years experience in searching online for duplicate content. Each document submitted to Oboolo is compared with the content available on the entire web, including Oboolo and its partner sites. Once this is done, a comprehensive report is available, helping you to easily find which sentences are detected as plagiarised. The report can usually be obtained between a few minutes and an hour after uploading the document.

Many schools and universities check their students' writings using plagiarism detection tools, some of which are less efficient than Oboolo's. The comprehensive report provided by Oboolo allows for the optimization of documents: improved sentence structure, better use of quotations, etc.

Why trust Oboolo?
  • 25 years of experience

  • Guaranteed quality: we use it too!

  • Your documents are compared with the ENTIRE web

  • Detailed report provided: helps to improve the document

  • Oboolo's document fully included in the analysis.

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