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How it works

Our proofreading and correction service allows you to have your dissertations, thesis, internship reports, commentaries, or any other papers proofread to obtain a plagiarism check, spelling correction, syntax improvement and comments to help you better your document. Please note that this service is non-inclusive of writing! Upload the document that needs correcting, and receive a comprehensive plagiarism analysis report within a few minutes. If corrections are necessary, apply them and submit your assignment again: the correction process can now begin! An experienced tutor will contact you shortly with their suggestions and will send you your proofread and formatted document. Easy!

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Are you looking for help to write or rephrase a paper?

For all work or studies related writing, contact our writing department and secure a tailor-made document within 48 hours. Enforce your methodology or communicate only your subject and allow yourself to be lead by our experienced tutor-writers.

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