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Music and dance

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17 Nov 2023

Why do we Love Music?

Presentation - 1 pages - Music and dance

Music is a very important thing for most humans. There are tons of music's genre and everyone doesn't consume music the same. Some people need to listen to music very often during the day while others can spend weeks and months without craving a musical listening. Throughout the...

06 Sep 2022

The Abduction from the Seraglio and Violin Concerto No. 5, 3rd Mov - Mozart (1782 and 1775) - Exoticism and the Enlightenment

Artwork commentary - 3 pages - Music and dance

Music exoticism is a term used to identify the musical practices borrowed from other people to evoke an alien frame of reference. It depicts the manner in which music composers and, to some extent, their listeners associate either rightly or wrongly with distant countries or people. During the...