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07 Jan 2024

Breaking Bad, Season 1 - Vince Gilligan (2008) - Script, Main Character and Direction

Artwork commentary - 1 pages - Television

Breaking Bad is one of the most famous American TV shows of the last decade. In this essay we will focus on the first season of the show which initiates the plot and introduces the main characters. In our detailed plan, we will focus on the synopsis, the main character, Walt, the staging and to...

05 Sep 2023

Analyzing the Portrayal of Muslim Women in Quantico

Dissertation - 10 pages - Television

When preparing the series Quantico, the writers and producers made an explicit choice in including a remarkably diverse cast. Knowing that they were dealing with the subject of terrorism in a post 9/11 America, their treatment of Arabs and of Muslims would be intensely scrutinized. Consequently,...