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Comparative Arts Design

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  1. Art (Leonardo Da Vinci & Louis Van Gogh)
  2. Vincent Van Gogh
  3. How the artists/designers visualize their thematic approach using the elements and principles of art and design ?
  4. What was happening historically, politically, socially, religiously, intellectually, and/or economically at the time it was made ?
  5. Discussion of the two works of art chosen

In this essay, we discuss contemporary art and how it has contributed in discussing about identity and diversity in the society. In the world of art, Identity is used a lot in describing the life of the moment the piece of work was made from the present time. Identity in art is viewed as being the custom, social interaction and arts of a particular people, nation or a certain social group. It is an appreciation of the arts of the people of that time and what they achieved in the moment.

[...] N. (2004). The Illness of Vincent van Gogh. Journal of the History of the Neurosciences, 22-43. Fox, C., & Miller, E. (unkown). The Invention, Art and Science of Leonardo Da Vinci. The library Congress. nationalgallery. (2014, May 21). [...]

[...] It is an appreciation of the arts of the people of that time and what they achieved in the moment. In both areas, when one looks at Identity and diversity, it provides a quick way of understanding the society that was or that is at the time the piece of art was made. This essay discusses two artists and how their piece of work depicts the theme of Identity and diversity (Veblen, Beynon, & Odom 1-14). Art (Leonardo Da Vinci & Louis Van Gogh) The works of any artists consist of several materials, methods, concepts and subjects which are used to challenge the traditional boundaries or defy an easy definition. [...]

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