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Introduction to Filming- Analysis of “I Think I Love My Wife” by Chris Rock

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  1. Introduction
  2. Analysis of "I Think I Love My Wife"
  3. Chris Rock
  4. Conclusion

Most people have watched the film and wished it would never end. This is because of it being captivating. A good film should arouse the emotions of the viewer be they negative or positive (Sinyard, 2013). The foundation of the movie makes all the difference in how we perceive it. This implies that the acting, lighting, directing, scripting and even the editing should be up to standard. In essence, a good film should be able to relate to social issues.

A professional critique reviews films with no personal emotions attached (Brierton, 2006). This ensures that the review focuses entirely on the content of the film. Critique is very essential in the film industry (Brierton, 2006). It ensures that the moviemakers strive to give their best in terms of quality films. By so doing, the target audiences appreciate and yearn for more. This ensures that the film industry continues to thrive (Sinyard, 2013).

Cinematography is an art that thrives on creativity. The success of this industry thrives on growing creativity and personal drive of the filmmakers (Ettedgui, 1998). Therefore, it is imperative for all stakeholders in the industry to combine efforts in a bid to get the most out of this industry. There is a rising need for quality content be it family, adult or children's content. When it comes to filming, all aspects are important even the most minute details.