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Zeitgeist - Peter Joseph, 2007

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  1. Zeitgeist presents an argument that is not easily refuted
  2. The film's rhetorical context may be revealed through research

The 2007 film, Zeitgeist, provides a compelling argument regarding the manipulation of American citizens. According to the documentary, the inhabitants of our country are manipulated daily by the government, large institutions, and economic supremacies. Three primary sections combine to illustrate the director's argument. Observation of The Federal Reserve Bank, Religion, and the events of September 11, 2001 is used to denote the three as tools of manipulation. Peter Joseph's Zeitgeist film is an adamant revelation of the deception that takes place in America daily.

[...] Zeitgeist presents an argument that is not easily refuted. News clips from the events of September audio excerpts, research, and additional information regarding The Federal Reserve Bank and Religion make it hard to argue against the film's premise. Almost every line of the film makes complete sense when put into perspective. At one point, the religious figure, Jesus Christ, is compared to the sun and revealed to be a character repeated among several religions. The fact makes the argument of religious deception logical. [...]

[...] However, at times the specific point Peter Joseph is attempting to convey is not clear. Portions of the film that cover the Federal Reserve Bank are especially ambiguous. The intent is sometimes distorted by the overall bashing of government functions. Nevertheless, his overall theme is clear. The government, large institutions, and economic supremacies are deceiving bodies in America. The film's rhetorical context may be revealed through research. As with the purpose of any documentary, Zeitgeist is intentionally informative. Information is revealed that would be undiscovered outside specific fields of study. [...]