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Corporate social responsibility

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11 May 2024

Religion and Attitudes to Corporate Social Responsibility in a Large Cross-Country Sample - S. Brammer, Geoffrey Williams and John Zinkin (2006)

Book review - 1 pages - Corporate social responsibility

In this article, authors Stephen Brammer, Geoffrey Williams, and John Zinkin examine the effect of religious identity on attitudes toward corporate social responsibility (CSR). After reviewing existing literature, the authors conclude that the Hebrew Bible, the Rabbinic writings, the Qur'an,...

30 Dec 2023

Corporate Social Responsibility

Tutorials/exercises - 4 pages - Corporate social responsibility

Within the last 12 months, many Environmental, Social and Governance failures showed us that many companies, corporations and even governments are trying to mislead consumers or citizens and to improve their reputation, by promoting sustainable initiatives or products. These claims can be...

03 Nov 2023

Questions and Answers for my Interviews on the subject of Corporate Social Responsibility

Case study - 2 pages - Corporate social responsibility

Does your company have a CSR policy? How do you start to develop a CSR policy? What can companies hope to achieve with their CSR policy? Who benefits from a company's CSR policy?