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21 May 2009

Investment opportunities in relevance to ICICI

Case study - 74 pages - Finance

In the '90s there has been a decisive shift towards a new wave, the domain of financial services. In the era of the consumer, financial services, which seek to put the consumer in the forefront, have come to stay. Skillful marketing has opened up a wide spectrum of areas where financial...

12 May 2009

Case study: Spectris

Case study - 8 pages - Finance

Spectris is a leading supplier of precision instrumentation and controls. It employs 6,000 employees in its 14 business units. It has a wide range of core technology and their products help customers improve product quality and performance, improve core manufacturing processes, and reduce...

08 May 2009

NDSL: Depository functions and services

Case study - 51 pages - Finance

The Indian capital market has witnessed an unprecedented growth in the past few years, facilitated by modernization of the trading system. Automation of the trading infrastructure in 1994 has given us a trading system comparable with the best in the world. The establishment of a settlement...

07 May 2009

Managing customer relationship and their financial aspects: Standard Chartered India

Case study - 33 pages - Finance

The objective of the project was to study the choice criteria to decide upon a bank for savings account and accordingly prepare the competitive update, i.e. Standard chartered VS other private banks to facilitate sales. The nature of the project involved a comprehensive market survey in which the...

29 Apr 2009

Emerging trends in cash management

Case study - 35 pages - Finance

Whenever any long-term investment is considered the future cash flows from the project, the uncertainty of those cash flows, and the opportunity cost of the funds invested in the project are evaluated. Investments in current assets are also evaluated by all organizations in the same manner but...

21 Apr 2009

Comparison between traditional products and ULIPS in ICICI

Case study - 90 pages - Finance

With the largest number of life insurance policies in force in the world, insurance happens to be a mega opportunity in India. It's a business growing at the rate of 15-20 per cent annually and presently is of the order of Rs 450 billion. Together with banking services, it adds about 7percent to...

21 Apr 2009

A study on the technical analysis of derivative stock futures

Case study - 39 pages - Finance

As Indian securities markets continue to evolve, market participants, investors and regulators are looking at different ways in which the risk management may be efficiently met through the introduction of Derivative markets. Through the use of derivative products, it is possible to partially or...

21 Apr 2009

Financial services through non branch delivery channels

Case study - 42 pages - Finance

With more than 70 percent of financial system assets owned by the banks, the banking sector continues to be the most dominant force in the Indian financial system. However, with the growth in the economy being sluggish, banks can no longer afford to rely on ‘corporate banking' to...

21 Apr 2009

Study of stock market, equity trading, demat and market analysis of Share khan Pvt .Ltd

Case study - 58 pages - Finance

Share Khan Pvt.Ltd deals in buying and selling equity shares and debentures on the National Stock Exchange (NSE), the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the Over-The-Counter Exchange of India (OTCEI). Share Khan Pvt.Ltd is provided with a computer and required software from their registered stock...

19 Apr 2009

A study on working capital management in Visaka Industries Limited

Case study - 44 pages - Finance

The company was incorporated under the Indian Company's Act 1956 on 18th June 1981 as Visaka Asbestos Cement Product ltd and promoted by Dr.G.Vivekananda with investment of Rs 4 crores to set up cement asbestos plant in Medak district of Andhra Pradesh. It has grown in to multiple folds and now...

17 Apr 2009

Retail Banking with ING Vysya

Case study - 103 pages - Finance

Today retail banking has emerged as the dark horse in banking sector. Low interest rates and booming consumerism have unleashed credit off take in retail segment in a big way. The personal banking segment customers have become the center of attraction... Credit exposures through personal...

16 Apr 2009

All you wanted to know about HDFC and Standard Life Insurance

Case study - 66 pages - Finance

HDFC Standard Life is the name which is working as one of the best private insurance company in insurance sector. HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd was incorporated on 14th August 2000.It got the certificate of registration on 23rd October. With such a large population and the untapped...

16 Apr 2009

The effectiveness of distribution channel of Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited

Case study - 16 pages - Finance

The story of insurance is probably as old as the story of mankind. Tendency of a human being to secure themselves against loss and disaster has been from the starting of world. They sought to avert the evil consequences of fire and flood and loss of life and were willing to make some sort of...

16 Apr 2009

Financial institutions offering home loans

Case study - 38 pages - Finance

Housing finance is one of the industries, which are driven by ups and downs in the real state industry. Although there has been an upsurge in the demand for the home loans in the recent past, it has not translated into a stupendous performance by the housing finance companies (HDFC's). The...

16 Apr 2009

Comparative analysis of madcap fund with reference to Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd

Case study - 35 pages - Finance

The Indian Mutual Funds Industry has witnessed a sea change since UTI was first established in 1963. From a single player the number of players has increased to 29 and the number of schemes has spiraled to 477. The last decade has been a period of rapid growth for the MF industry. The paper...

16 Apr 2009

Creativity and innovation in retail banking: Comparative analysis of financial products offered by banks

Case study - 27 pages - Finance

A bank is a financial institution whose primary activity is to act as a payment agent for customers and to borrow and lend money. It is an institution for receiving, keeping, and lending money. Banking in India originated in the last decades of the 18th century. Central banking is the...

15 Apr 2009

Effect of change in Basel standards in the banking industry

Case study - 38 pages - Finance

As the deadline for implementing the Basel-III norms in Indian banks has arrived they are still preparing to solve the enigma of risk management for insuring more transparent and risk-free financial bases. According to the Reserve Bank of India, its association with the Basel 'Committee on...

14 Apr 2009

Competitor analysis of financial securities industries: Religare

Case study - 36 pages - Finance

The securities markets in India witnessed several policy initiatives since the year 2000, which further refined the markets micro-structure, modernized operations and broadened investment choices for investors. The irregularities in the securities transactions in the last quarter of the previous...

13 Apr 2009

Auditing a bank

Case study - 37 pages - Finance

Various people such as owners, shareholders, investors, creditors, lenders, government etc. uses the final account of a business concern for different purposes. All these users need to be sure that the final accounts prepared by the management are reliable. An auditor is an independent expert who...

07 Apr 2009

Cash reserve ratio

Case study - 34 pages - Finance

This is the amount of money that the banks have to necessarily park with the Reserve Bank of India. The base of this is the total of the deposits that a bank has. The Reserve Bank of India pays the bank interest on the amount parked with it. Among the tools available to the RBI to influence and...

07 Apr 2009

Pricing futures

Case study - 61 pages - Finance

Stock index futures began trading on NSE on the 12th June 2000. Stock futures were launched on 9th November 2001. The volumes and open interest on this market has been steadily growing. Looking at the futures prices on NSE's market, have you ever felt the need to know whether the quoted prices...

06 Apr 2009

A detailed report on Bajaj Allianz Life insurance and its competitors

Case study - 41 pages - Finance

Every individual's ultimate goal is to seek financial security for himself and his family members. In today's world of rising prices and uncertain markets, the resources available to fulfill needs and aspirations are limited. A planned approach helps to realize almost all dreams, needs and...

06 Apr 2009

Portfolio management and investment decision

Case study - 42 pages - Finance

A portfolio is a collection of securities since it is really desirable to invest the entire funds of an individual or an institution or a single security, it is essential that every security be viewed in a portfolio context. Thus it seems logical that the expected return of the portfolio....

06 Apr 2009

A study on the role of derivatives and investors perceptions on it

Case study - 55 pages - Finance

A derivative is a generic term for specific types of investments from which payoffs over time are derived from the performance of assets (such as commodities, shares or bonds), interest rates, exchange rates, or indices (such as a stock market index, etc). This performance can determine both the...

01 Apr 2009

Systems audit: Bombay Stock Exchange

Case study - 36 pages - Finance

Indian capital markets have witnessed radical transformation during the short period of a decade. There is hardly any country in the world which has witnessed such massive changes in its capital market during such a short period. During the early part of the 1990s, ranking of the Indian capital...

01 Apr 2009

Banking and insurance: The money market

Case study - 26 pages - Finance

The money market is a market for financial assets that are close substitutes for money. It is a market for overnight to short-term funds and instruments having a maturity period of one or less than one year. It is not a place (like the Stock Market), but an activity conducted by telephone. The...

01 Apr 2009

Mutual funds and other investment opportunities: Franklin Templeton Investments

Case study - 38 pages - Finance

Savings form an important part of the economy of any nation. With the savings invested in various options available to the people, money acts as the driver for growth of the country. Indian financial scene too presents a plethora of avenues to the investors. Though certainly not the best or...

01 Apr 2009

A study on the futures trading at Kotak Securities Ltd

Case study - 47 pages - Finance

Kotak Securities Ltd. is India's leading stock broking house with a market share of around 8%. Kotak Securities Ltd. has been the largest in IPO distribution. The accolades that Kotak Securities has been graced with include Finance Asia Award (2004)- India's best Equity House Prime...

01 Apr 2009

A study of behavioral finance in the Indian stock exchange

Case study - 32 pages - Finance

Much of economic and financial theory is based on the notion that individuals act rationally and consider all available information in the decision-making process. However, researchers have uncovered a surprisingly large amount of evidence that this is frequently not the case. Peter L. Bernstein...

31 Mar 2009

Analysis of the banking sector with respect to six banks: Public sector & private sector

Case study - 19 pages - Finance

In this project six banks are taken on the basis of highest profits after tax. Three Banks are from the Public Sector and three from the Private Sector. First comes an analysis of the banking system which tells you about the Basel II norms which are applicable in India in every bank from 31st...