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  1. Introduction
  2. Chinese dynasties of the Zhou Era
  3. The Mongols Impact
  4. Conclusion

The Zhou clan was the founders of the Zhou dynasty whose existence stretches back o the eleventh century BC. At this period, the clan was getting more and more powerful and had extended all through the Gansu and Shaanxi provinces. The Zhou clan sort to menace the Shang Dynasty, which made the conflicts between them intensify. Shang Dynasty was being ruled by King Zhou, who was later killed in a war that had been organized by the chief of Zhou. After his death, the Zhou Dynasty was formed and is credited for being the dynasty that lasted longest in Chinese history with over eight hundred years of rule. In addition, it had thirty-seven emperors. The dynasty had two periods; the eastern Zhou and the western Zhou. The achievements of this dynasty in politics, culture, economy and science seemed more illustrious as compared to the Shang dynasty (Wachtel, 2009).

Within the period that Zhou dynasty ruled, there were many activities that led to the Iron Age. This allowed the people have a sustainable economy since much of their economy was dependent on agriculture. The dynasty agreed on the use of a common language that was referred to as the Archaic Chinese and Old Chinese. It helped bond the people together and also made the historians have an easy job in discovering what happened during the era of the Zhou dynasty. It is during their over 800 year's rule that the Confucian social hierarchy came into rule. The kings expected the people to adhere to the values and rules of the Confucianism (Wachtel, 2009). This is the reason behind the dynasty remaining in rule for such a long time. The Zhou dynasty came to end after one independent noble by the name Qin Huang united the whole of China into the Qin dynasty.

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